Round Head High Everyday Lyrics


High Everyday
Di weed wha mi a smoke prescribe by doctor
Brains all a click like all di cars dem add over
Nose a chump smoke like some trailor muffler
Yeah ya spring water like some hose wid sprinkler
A more weed mi a ball fa, mi sing

If yah smoke like I smoke, then yah high like everyday (2x)

Just di other day mi fi go tour dung a Spain
Thru you know a weed a Monster middle name
Couldn't go a Spain, left di food fi mi brain
Haffi send mi weed pon 1 different plane
Weed couldn't fly pon di same, plane
Weed pack-up on di plane 'til it a squeeze thru window
Castro smell mi weed when it a pass over Cuba
A wonder if a Saddam and him troop a tek ova
Nuh Key Key high grade ganja

If yah smoke like I smoke, then ya high like everyday (2x)

Dem a stop mi and harass mi and a ask mi fi ganja
When dem ask mi fi it mi woulda dead with laughter
yuh nuh see a one spliff mi have and mi nah give yah neither
All yah caan get from mi weed is di odour
sniff, sniff Teck it and left yah
Mi sing

Every Friday mi cruise down di highway
Big Monster jeep with who we need high
High grade I smoke with all rap tune a replay
Every spliff wha mi smoke dem haffi replay
Fire from mi spliff mek night look like a day
So we know we nah stray

If yah smoke like I smoke, then yah high like everyday (2x)

We used to chill down inna di shack and draw some ole time profile
Burnin some weed like some discipline child
Babylon a come, we spot dem out from a mile
Dem weed dem dis waan 'shack fi come waan style
We haffi purchase di weed, we couldn't left with we child
An put we inna exile

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