Roots Tonic Wines in the Dancehall

Roots Tonic Wines in the Dancehall - Roots Tonic Wines is now the liquor of choice for party fans going to dancehall sessions and night clubs.

Magnum Wine

Since the inception of reggae and dancehall music in the 1970s and 1980s respectively, the liquor of choice was Heineken Beer, Guinness Stout, Red Stripe Beer, Red Top Beer and Dragon Stout.

But as time change so too has the liquor of choice for dancehall and reggae music lovers.

Roots Tonic wine have taken over the shelves in the Bars.

Some of the most popular wines are:
1. Magnum Tonic Wine
2. Babba Roots Wine
3. Real vibes Wine
4. Hard wine
5. Mandingo Roots Wine and
6. Pump it up Wine

These wine are sometimes served chilled with:
1. Red Bull Energy drink
2. Monster Energy drink
2. Nitro Energy drink and
3. Boom Energy drink

Words on the streets is that when these roots wine and energy drinks are combine, they enhance sexual pleasure.

Even though they are label Roots Tonic wine, some of them contain up to 25% of alcohol.

Of all the wines mention here, Magnum tonic wine is said to be number one on most party fans list.

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