Reggae Singer Keishera James

Reggae Singer Keishera James - The epitome of Reggae-Soul, her raspy, alto voice seductively delivers lyrics that tug at your emotions, while Neo-Soul blended, Rock-Steady melodies seamlessly will your body to groove.

Reggae Singer Keishera JamesReggae Singer Keishera James

Greetings, introducing you to the high-energy, fiery and positive, Jamaican born New York bred, Keishera James.
Singer/songwriter Keishera exudes pure, sexy, soulfulness.
Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Keishera’s sound perfectly fuses the heartbeat of her
Jamaican heritage, with a heavy R&B influence.
The epitome of Reggae-Soul, her raspy, alto voice seductively delivers lyrics that tug at your emotions, while Neo-Soul blended, Rock-Steady melodies seamlessly will your body to groove.
Keishera is a musical genius in her own right, arranging and writing, as well as co-editing and co-producing her music videos, to perfection. This Jamaican songstress was born to do this!
Keishera's recently released her album "It's Me Keishera" which consists of 13 tracks. "This body of work is a mash up of Soul music with Reggae vibes, blended from my Jamaican roots, New York upbringing and European cultural experiences. It highlights who I am, my hardships, struggles, strengths, desires and my loves. I'm a dreamer, who refuses to settle, by sharing that strong feminine energy sonically", says the artist.

She has been blessed to work with notable Jamaican music makers: Paul Henton, Barry O’Hare, Syl Gordon, Christopher Birch – who produced her hit anti-domestic violence anthem "Cry No More", and Dub Tonic Krew Productions - who put the finishing touches on her first full length EP Body Language (2013), featuring the catchy single “Rock Star”. Most recently she has worked with Frank Pollensi Pollak, Giuseppe Flash Coppola, and German producer Smoli (DJ Zafer Smoliface).
After forming her own band, another of Keishera’s blessings came from the stage, as she has been called to perform at popular music festivals Reggae Jam, Berlin’s Festival of Hope, the Friesland Reggae Open Air, and Fete de La Musique.

Some of the songs that have gained radio play and popularity in Jamaica, the US and Europe include her first single “Pull Over,” acoustic tune "So Good," and "Feels Right" produced by Shane Brown, featuring International Reggae Superstar Shaggy.
Keishera currently lives between Berlin, Germany, and
New York City regularly performing at venues across continents.
Her first digital, full length album “It’s Me, Keishera” is out now, worldwide. Keishera is poised to embark on an international tour.
With her vibrant stage presence and relatable audience appeal that always leaves crowds begging for more, Keishera is most definitely a megastar in the making.
"Its Me" Keishera Review
Rebel Base DE says: "Stylistically, Keishera, who alternates between reggae, r&b and soul, can best be compared to Jamaican contemporaries like Etana or Sevana". marketing PR and entertainment say. The lead single from the album, titled Beautiful Mind, has found favour with several top DJs around the world including David Rodigan, Ron Muschette and Rodrick Howell."
The Jamaican Observer say: "The 13-track set is an eclectic mix of reggae and soul standards".
The BKreader had this to say: "To say it plainly, Keishera James has spirit. Her voice, raspy at first listen, moves into a deep warm song that seemingly never ends with each new melody"

Reggae Singer Keishera James Tour History

In addition to recording and releasing music, Keishera, with her high energy, positive music has graced stages around the world at some of the largest Festivals and Clubs such as:
Reggae Jam Music Festival / Bersenbrück Germany
Mainz Internationl Reggae Festival / Mainz,Germany
Sun Festival / Marrakech, Morocco
14 Rooms Art Basel / Basel, Switzerland
Olimpus Camara / Berlin, Germany
Hip Hop Dont Stop / Berlin, Germany
Yaam / Berlin, Germany
Baudahaus / Berlin, Germany
Tausend Bar / Berlin, Germany
Milk River / Brooklyn, New York
Forte Gree Music Festival / Brooklyn, New York
Opener for Anthony B at Club Metronome / Burlington, Vermont
Opener for Anthony B at Brighton Music Hall / Boston, Massachusetts etc.

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Keishera's Ready to Rock The Crowd! She is versatile and performs with Live Bands or Sound systems.

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