Reggae artiste Jah Abeng

Reggae artiste Jah Abeng - JAH Abeng born on July 21, 1972 in Camberwell St Mary, Randolph George Campbell went to Camberwell All Age School where his mother taught at that time.

Reggae artiste Jah AbengReggae artiste Jah Abeng

He also was a member of the Camberwell Seventh Day Adventist Church where he was a part of the youth choir. At that early primary age he was able to sing and hold a note at the right pitch and right tune. Having gone to high school in Kingston he went on to join the Jamaica Defence Force. While in the army he was referred to as Sanchez by those who were in command.

He had to sing for them every evening if possible. This was an encouraging sign for Randolph Campbell and he decided there and then that if and when he left the army he would take his musical career seriously.

After leaving the army he went abroad and there tried to link up with a few persons in the music industry. He however had to return to Jamaica as he was a dedicated father to his two boys and while he remains he continues to write and share his talent with community members and fellow brethren. He is lauded among his peers far and wide as one of the best voices of all times.

Not having the funds to promote himself has been a huge setback for Mr. Campbell , but this still did not change his mind from sharing his gift with the world, as he was one who firmly believes in nation building and through his music he knows that this is possible. Hence he continues to search for the right moment to advance.

Not only is he musically blessed with his voice but he is also a very excellent and talented song writer. He has written numerous songs all cultural, positive, inspiring and uplifting. His style is cool, relaxing and soul searching. He is a very humble and quiet individual who respects and loves each and everyone. His music will allow you to have hope where there is hopelessness and strength where there is weakness.

His songs helps an individual to reflects on life and make the right choices. His love for children is mirrored in most of his songs as he aims to increase the protection of our children all over the world by all adults. He is also a firm believer in the rights of all human beings and shares these views in his songs.

The name Abeng was finally realized after a little shift in the former name Jabeng with his sister who is also one of his managers. The name Abeng reflects the music and sounds of the black race which has a very powerful, strong, soul stirring and positive message. Calling out to people in his songs, is a way of carrying on the positive messages as his ancestors did back in the days. This is what he strives on.

He is now a member of the New Life Entertainment Network based in Kingston Jamaica and through this network he has now started recording and performing at different stage shows across the corporate area. His first three recorded singles are now out and ready to be promoted and marketed, while the video for the song "Kill without a Reason is about to be aired on CVM plus and Hype TV beginning September. He is currently doing ongoing work in the studio for more of his songs…..

JAH Abeng is also willing to contribute free of cost to any benefits aimed at making this society a better place.

For further information contact: Mr. E. Newman, Mr. David King, Ms. Campbell and Mr. Bennett
Of New Life Entertainment Network 123, Duke Street. Kingston Jamaica.
Tele: 429-1757

Tele: 881-9550/429-1757(Manager/Producer- Juliet Campbell) Facebook account: Randolph Campbell/abeng

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Sep 25, 2012
Senseless killing must stop
by: Dave

Very good going my artiste..too much killing and mayhem going on ow inour society...all over the world its spreading to a dilemma..Singon and help inspire so that some of this senseless killingcan stop!!!!

Sep 25, 2012
The way forward
by: Megzie

This artist in his own way is definitely making an impact. HIs songs are real and to the point..His words are definitely uplifting andis what the world needs now.

Sep 22, 2012
shaping the future
by: king david

Jah Abeng is a real inspiration to other artists and also to the citizens of this country. The world will be a much better place after being expose to the lyrical content of this artist. I have been blessed to have listened to him live and feel the passion in the songs which brings goose bumps to my entire body..we definitely need more artist like these in these times for our young children to look up to and emulate...Need to hear more of him on the local scene...

Sep 22, 2012
world changer
by: Anonymous

The music by this ariste should be played regularly. Very positive uplifting and excellemt in creating positive changer. Carry the message onward as abeng sounds iy.

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