Reggae Artiste Chaant Releases Debut Album 'Missing You Babe'

The singer CHAANT has released his debut album titled ‘Missing You Babe’. The seven song set is an interesting mix of songs produced by Richard Foulks for Vonleerich Music.

Reggae Artiste Chaant Releases Debut Album 'Missing You Babe'Reggae Artiste Chaant Releases Debut Album 'Missing You Babe'

It exemplifies authentic Jamaican reggae, delivering catchy and rhythmic mixes of mainly rich lovers rock, with a touch of roots, reggae-pop, reggae fusion and dancehall.

According to the artiste, the overall messages encapsulated could be described as “songs igniting love and togetherness in the hearts of its listeners”. Most of the tracks explore everyday romantic relationship issues such as ‘new found love’, ‘commitment’, and ‘breaking up’.

There is also a bit of social commentary which points the listeners to the singer’s conscious side.

Since its digital release in early November, the album has been receiving a steady increase of love from a few community radio stations in Jamaica, and the U.K. as well as from internet radio plays.

Most importantly though, his continuously growing fan base, has been responding favourably based on early social media feedback on Instagram and Facebook. With further push, this album is poised to become a success story for an emerging artiste.

The track that has been grabbing the most spotlight so far is ‘Rise Up’. The blistering drum rolls and scintillating cymbals that initially strike the ears are followed promptly by a deep and sturdy base-line which introduces CHAANT’s strong and passionate vocals with sobering lyrics.

In the first line of the first verse he declares “Guns blazing in the streets, wi’ cyaah meet and greet, mother earth nuh safe nuh more...” This instantly sets the tone of militant consciousness that defines the song in its entirety.

The singer suggests some reasons we have become so divided as
a people, but also offers suggestions towards arriving at solutions for social problems such as injustice and poverty.

‘Rise Up’ is a CHAANT original which was written as he observed sadly, the devastation, loss of lives and eventual great suffering of many people during the 2010 Tivoli incursion in Kingston, Jamaica.

Each song on the album is compelling in its own way, and therefore the artist has been engaging his audience by posting short mini videos of his songs on social media.

A music video for the track ‘Sunshine’ has recently premiered on CHAANT’s YouTube channel. In this track, the singer croons on a groovy lovers rock rhythm as he begs his lover not to go because she means so much to him.

In a nutshell, the album is entertaining and ‘real’ at the same time. It examines not just the social, but also the emotional aspects of life as it explores romantic issues which are relatable to almost everyone.

The confidently bold vocals and melodious sounds of this Jamaican singer remind you that authentic Reggae is here to stay.

This is an album truly worth listening to and adding to your catalogue. Good music! Good Vibes!

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