Reggae Recording artiste Dexterious

Reggae Recording artiste Dexterious - Born Tion Williams on March 8th 1994, to parents Janet Williams (housewife) and Cecil Williams, (mechanic) in the humble parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Tion spent most of her childhood life living in the Waterford Community, in Portmore. Life growing up wasn’t what she would have wanted because she would find herself moving from Waterford, to the Rose Town Community to stay with a family Friend because her mom migrated to ST Martin.

Dexterious attended the Unity Primary School and then the Belmont Park Primary School in Greater Portmore, where she developed a love for track and field and netball. Her favorite event in the track and field was long jump, which she ended up trying at one point. After life in Primary School, Tion would have one of the worst experiences growing up as a young lady.

Reggae Recording artiste DexteriousReggae Recording artiste Dexterious

This however, would not have hinder her educational visions, as she made good of her G-Sat examinations and although she didn’t pass for the first School of her choice, which was St. Hugh’s High School, she did well with her opportunity at Merl Grove High School.

Her first two years in high school she decided to continue playing netball and in third form she would do both netball and track and field. “Chin” as she was called growing up, had a different interest, an interest that would change her life, an interest and a talent that went well together. Her interest was doing music.

From then, Earth Angel was the product of that interest, doing mostly gangster music and hardcore dancehall, but something was wrong, her name didn’t coincide with her songs. So she turned to her producer “ Eva” who told her she needed to change her name because her songs were too demonic.

She turned to the dictionary and found the word dexterous which means skillful and changed it to Dexterious. At age 13 she recorded her first single on the Kings of Kings Recording Label, which had the lines “ dis a one girl weh watch hanna mantana mi shoot yu wid mi gun and lick yu wid mi hamma”.

In High School few of her class mates new how talented she was and so they formed a group and called themselves “smuggle crew”, she was the only dj in the group out of six girls. It was a regular for she and her group to entertain classmates during lunch time breaks, she even boasts of writing the Merl Grove Anthem “sum girl say dem badda dan we, a merl grove we go all di blind can see tru we nuh badmind say a we dem a pree a wah do queens an immaculate dem caah test we”.

She got the opportunity to perform the song in the school auditorium for teachers and students, and the response that she got, encourage her to make music her occupation. However, because of her love for music, she got distracted from her schoolwork and graduated from Merl Grove High School with only two cxc subjects, this she was not pleased with.

After she left Merl Grove, she went to the Institute of Academic Excellence (I.A.E) where she got three more cxc subjects, making a total of five cxc subjects- Accounts, Principles of Business, English, Social Studies and Office Procedures. Apart from writing music, Dexterious also have a high interest in drama, writing poetry and she draws very well.

She loves listening to dancehall veteran female dj’s Spice and Lisa Hyper. Dexterious is also an excellent chef and her favorite meal to prepare is rice and peas and baked chicken with pasta on the side.

Dexterious is having the time of her life watching her career bloom to different heights. She is presently doing a lot of recordings with recording group Great mind Records, working with producer Wilton Jr. Bantie Taylor and is being managed by songwriter and manager Mr. Dennis Pitter who refers to her as being a “cash cow”.

She has recorded tracks such as “watch mi” and “body good” which are now set for release. Dexterious believe that she has definitely what it takes to be a dominant figure in dancehall, and with her unique style and beauty, she will be easily accepted.

Comments for Recording artiste Dexterious

Mar 13, 2013
dexterous ah di boss
by: Shannon aka stargirl shan

big up yu self chin, me know yu ago reach far ina di music biz.... and me love yu bio cuz its true....AGAIN NUFF RATINGS AND LOVE MUMMAA.....

Nov 21, 2012
big up mi fren, u name mus buss!
by: kiki

chin mi love d biography it shaaat n u knw y to cuz mi knw a tru story mi fren....u knw am always here 4 u....wish for u the best,n memba sum way sum how u MUST mek it!

Nov 19, 2012


Nov 18, 2012
by: kaweii

Dexterious! hope every thing you touches turn gold

Nov 16, 2012
by: rashane

Big up Dexterious all the. continue the hard work and u will be one of the be female artist in jamaica. u will always ave ma support

Nov 15, 2012
by: shackysteele

big up of the most promising female entertainer..with lyrics dats gonna have di ears of people listening...keep doing wat u do best mama...

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