Prohgres Gives Life Lesson In New Single

Prohgres Gives Life Lesson In New Single - Reggae artiste Prohgres continues his musical journey with the release of "Energy Drainer".

The singer who is known as the "World Artiste" believes that as an entertainer it is his duty to teach the younger generation through his musical craft and as such always keeps his music positive.

Prohgres Gives Life Lesson In New SingleProhgres Gives Life Lesson In New Single

"What you put in is what you get out. It is a part of my responsibility to teach the youths that positive thinking yields positive results, that’s why I tell my fans in my new single that they shouldn’t allow anything or anyone to drain their energy" Said the singjay.

Produced by Good Good Productions, the single became available on all major streaming sites as of February 2018 through Zojak Worldwide.

With the positive feedback the single has been receiving, Prohgres released the visuals behind the track and has since racked up over 160,000 views.

"The video was shot in various parts of Kingston and the videographers from Wicked Media Production, captured the essence of the song perfectly. My fans are enjoying the video and I am grateful for their continued support" He said.

Still riding high with the success of his singles "Memory Lane" and "Strength" Prohgres says his music is being accepted in various Caribbean and European countries and with the right strategy he will dominate the international Reggae scene in no time.

"The song is being played on all major radio stations locally and on numerous radio stations outside of Jamaica and with time, my music will top charts and playlists all over the world. Hard work is a must, and I am putting in time and a half to help bring greatness to the world" Said Prohgres.

Persons looking to keep up with Prohgres can do so by subscribing to his VeVo chanel, ProhgresVevo.

by JuJu (ThePRPlaceJa)
(Kingston, Jamaica)

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Prohgres official biography - Richard Dwayne Gordon, stage name “Prohgres” ,was born on November 8,1993 to parents Paulette Johnson and Martin Gordon. He has one older brother and one younger sister.

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