Popcaan Get Gyal Easy lyrics

by DRW



Artiste: Popcaan

Really, truly
Really, truly, Dre Skull.
Mi nuh haffi spend a dime fi get nuh gyal
Nuh haffi sey nutten fi get nuh gyal,
believe me.
Inna di gyallis and a we have di medal
Dem seh wi fresher dan di mineral,
Gyal a gimme crazy pin a funeral
Dem seh a Pappi a di general,
Dem a pree me.
Gyal a warrant a search fi mi like criminal
From mi likkle mi tek weh mi bredda gyal.

We get gyal, easy, easily
We get gyal, easy, easily
We get gyal, easy, easily
We get gyal, easy, easily

Verse 1:
Tommy Lee
Every girl haffi falla we
Dem si wi pon di street and dem waan calla we, yeah.
A lot of pretty girls sing along
Plus, some weh ugly like Halloween.
Love every girl so it really don't matta mi
Buss a smile mek she start gush and get amaze.
Mi mek she hot like sunny day
Change gyal everyday, dem a change everyway
How we dweet.

Rept. Chorus

Verse 2:
Big woman ting
Girl neva hitch fi gimme dat ting
Crazy gyal a road waan bring mi offspring, yeah
Big woman gimme money often
And mi madda pastor ready fi gimme offering yeah.
Rhona sey mi son yuh badda dan sin
True mi seh mi waan rub down Lady Saw sting, yeah.
We gyal vocabulary bigga dan Sting
Mi nuh haffi dress up inna bling bling.

Rept. Chorus

Tommy Lee
How we dweet?
Rept. Chorus


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