Platinum Kids Labelled Game Changers By Renowned World Clash Brand



Destine Media (New York, NY) October 19, 2017. Despite not winning the title of World Clash winners, Platinum Kids walk away as the game changers of Sound Clash history.

Entering US Rumble over a year ago, Platinum Kids never clashed against any major sounds from the sound clash arena. The U.S. Rumble stage was their first invitation to clash against seasoned clash sounds. Therefore, to many Platinum Kids was considered the underdog and would never make it to the World Clash stage.

Earlier in the year, Irish and Chin staged preliminary national clashes, aka Rumble Series competitions, in countries including Japan (Fujiyama), Canada (King Attarney), United States (Platinum Kids), United Kingdom (Platinum Cartel), and Germany (Northern Lights from Italy) to identify new sound stars. Namely, these are the talented sounds that faced off against the reigning World Clash champions King Turbo.

On Saturday October 14th Irish and Chin brought the World Clash brand to Canada, where the reigning champs, King Turbo was set to defend their championship at home. The clash started promptly at 10pm and the venue was set and ready for this musical battle. Platinum Kids was up first and they set the stage from the opening song with a dub by Vershon "Mercy of God".

Throughout the night Platinum Kids MC, Markus Wanted, made sure he command the crowd attention while Paul, the selector made sure to continue to deliver hard hitting tunes. "We always say entertainment is key, as well as giving the crowd the hard hitting dubs they want to hear in order to keep them satisfied" says Paul Platinum. For Platinum Kids the World Clash stage is like no other stage. "Despite performing for crowds of ten thousand and more, the World Clash stage compares to no other. This has been one of the most anticipated events in our career if not the most" says Markus of Platinum Kids.

With the success of Platinum Kids winning the national championship in the U.S. and strong performance in World Clash, there has been an influx of juggling sounds stepping up to the plate and considering entering the clash arena. The vision, which was created by Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin, solidifies his vision. "Platinum Kids winning the US RUMBLE Championship and strong performance in World Clash 2017, is undoubtedly a game changer, as it further helps me to push my vision of juggling sounds being accepted in the sound clash arena,” U.S. Rumble promoter Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin adds. “Through Irish and Chin’s R.E.S.E.T. (Restoring Exciting Sound System Entertainment Together) campaign, I have been striving for a unified arena, which recognizes talent and doesn’t make a distinction between juggling and clash.”

As they prepare for an upcoming clash in New York, Platinum Kids has also released their post World Clash dub mix via exclusively. "There were a few dubs we did not get to play so we wanted to make sure we made a proper mix for the fans to hear the caliber of dubs we had on deck" says Paul Platinum. In the upcoming weeks Platinum Kids will also release their clothing - line called, Stop Badmind, as well as announce up-coming tour dates.

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