OB Music anticipates the releases of "First Contact Riddim"

OB Music’s drop date for this compilation album release is June 21, 2019.

OB Music, a Toronto-based producer anticipates the release of his ”First Contact Riddim” compilation Album, featuring various performing artists including veterans such as Lutan Fyah, Turbulence, Ammoye (four-time Juno award nominee), as well as up-and-coming artist Sunny Terble, straight out of Hundred Lane, Kingston, Jamaica, and rapper / actor Zawles, from Brooklyn, NY via Toronto, ON.

From the inception, this compilation album was a work of synergy and the natural love for music due to the fact that all of the songs are written by each artist and were conceived individually without any planning or interactive collaboration or sharing of ideas.

This natural synergy created what many would think was a concerted effort to create a particular theme. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is one of the major reasons why this compilation album is so special. Added to this is a list of other reasons why this compilation Album is solid.
Each artist projects a distinctive message which the listener can relate to or have a common understanding. For instance, Turbulence — a prolific singer/songwriter — with thought-provoking energetic lyrics, encourages us to be our own “Hero;” not to wait for handouts or engage in self-pity and idleness.
Writer/singer extraordinaire Ammoye shares her resilience in her song “Rebel,” to take a stance and assert one’s self from any verbal abuse or negative perception from others, and encourages all of us to set our own tempo and make moves without limits and boundaries.
No one can dispute the experience, wisdom and maturity of Lutan Fyah, an accomplished artist who has over 200 songs in his music catalogue and in the public domain. He is someone who has seen a lot, has experienced a lot and has expressed a lot that has been channelled through his music.

In his song, “Step to Dem” before they step to me! , Lutan Fyah gives us food for thought about how your enemy will plot and scheme while you are deep in your sleep, metaphorically speaking, 'cause many people have the unfortunate ability to be awake and asleep at the same time; either way, it’s in your interest to “step to Dem” before they step to you.
Sunny Terble provides us with the underlying foundation to all the other themes. In a time and space when people seek outside remedies to solve their problems, he reminds us that faith is the key element to combat all ailments; his song, “Faith” Moves Mountains, eloquently says that.

But in reality, not everyone has faith or even chooses to exercise it.
Zawles brings us back to reality. He is someone who has an in-depth understanding of urban street reality and he shares his thought in his rap song, “Dirty Cop.” Zawles reminds us of the game that is being played at the expense of our youth.

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