nkusaba by Henry Banks

by Henry Banks
(Kingstone Jamaica)



Henry Banks mi ready fi di kill naw

Gad bless mi mercy mi nid
Gad mi want yuh hand pan mi
Outta yah wollah gyal dem ah fucked up

Gyal mi nid yuh ting
Gyal mi nid yuh ting
Gyal mi nid yuh
Gyal mi nid yuh
Gyal mi nid yuh ting

Ntuuse nga munene nakijaana
Nfubutuka muzik simala bisera
Muwala ndaba abasajja bakukwana
Gimme yuh ting simala bisera
Nkubagana mpawa nga omutima bagutwala
Mi lov yuh ting gyal let's tak inna mi bedroom
Scream mi name,buh u naafi bowl dem
Suh come to mi gyal u know mi wah dem


Fire dem ah light weh mi step inna di yaad
Gyal u haffi follow mi no matter wah dem ah tak seh
Mi nah likkle bwoy mi a waga waga man
Ah suh mi gyal mi ready fi di ting
Mi lov u baibe u gat no error
Money fi di blind wi no tak fi no te la
Suh mi gyal lemmi press it inna
An bounce lakka baby weh di ting it inna


Everyweh gyal mi deh pan dem
Gully weh mi yaad de ya no Babylon system
Straight fraa di streets mi nuh c u fi mi lov
Buh mi cyaan step inna yo yaad
Yuh bady baibe ah treat mi like terror
No bwoy inna mi place cya put u pon dung
Ah wollah dem ah waan fi a suck yuh titi
Suh cut deh yah place u nah ball like tena


C mi ready
Gad mi ready
Fi yuh blessings suh mi step inna di bakkle
Rasta gung
Sojah representin
Di gyal dem love
Bruk off yuh shit
BANKS Govahment still

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