Nkrumah Reggae Sensation On The Rise

by Dane Findley

Also knows as “The Rootical Rootsman”, Nkrumah is blessed with a deep baritone voice, and active with the knowledge of his history, Nkrumah carries the Roots Reggae baton passed on by greats such as Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes, Ranking Toyan and Eek-A-Mouse. His music and messages resonate with listeners around the world just as a ripple in a lake becomes waves in the sea as he keeps the essence of the past present, while adding his own vibrations to the mix.

Born in Toronto to Jamaican parents, Nkrumah has always been surrounded by music as his father has an extensive music collection (all genres but especially Reggae) and made sure Nkrumah was educated about artists in the industry, and the responsibility an artist has when using their voice to make music. Taking his fathers’ teachings to heart, Nkrumah has made sure that his music is uplifting to listeners.

Nkrumah has been singing or some might say DJ’ing(chanting) from since he was in grade school. He remember’s leaving class to go dj(chant) for the girls in the hallway. But he says in 1993 his career began when he cut his first dubplate for a sound named kingturbo. Kingturbo, one of Toronto’s biggest and world renown sounds played Nkrumah’s music not only in the dancehall but also on the radio. He then met Johnny blaze who introduced him to a stage show named Monday Night Mucky. (Controlled by Richie lou). There Nkrumah would show and prove that he was somebody to be reckoned with when it came to being a reggae artist. There he met Grandmaster Rosa from Soul to Soul sound who introduced him to live bands.

In 1995 Nkrumah received an award for Most Conscious Artist Of The Year from Soul to Soul and StoneLove sounds. Nkrumah has shared the stage with some of the greats such as Gregory Issac , Sugar Minott , Culture , Admiral tibet , killamonjaro , Briggadeer Jerry , Mumma Nancy , Sean Paul , Phanton Moja just to name a few. Nkrumah is known to listen to many different genres of music but some of his favorites are Hip Hop , RnB, and Dancehall. Reggae being his favorite. Nkrumah’s favorite artist goes by the name of SUPER CAT one of Dancehall greats. Nkrumah considers himself a fan of music even though he is an reggae artist and appreciates lyrics being backed by a proper rhythm. This artist is destined to make it in this business. All who can appreciate good lyrics and original voice and a nice rhythm should look out for Nkrumah.

When speaking to fans and media, Nkrumah says “Reggae, and Roots Reggae, is as much about the music as it is about the culture and my culture’s history. I am very proud of where I come from, and the foundation that has been set; continuing on my forefather’s musical journey is a blessing to me!”

To date Nkrumah has performed in Toronto and Canada as well as Jamaica. Winner of the Top Male Reggae Dancehall DJ Performer at the Uprising Annual Talent Awards. Both hit singles “Reggae Mylytis” and “Dada Control” have received extensive radio play in the UK, the US, Africa, Europe and the south Asia’s. The music video for “Reggae Mylytis” has been added to rotation on CEEN TV which serves the Tri-State area and is watched by millions of viewers daily. It is also available on demand via YouTube.

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