Nesbeth's 'New Gangster' Stirs Controversy With Vybz Kartel Fans

Known for his tranquil persona and uplifting music Reggae firebrand Nesbeth has somehow bizarrely found himself in the cross-hairs of Vybz Kartel fans. Apparently the release of a new single by the Rastafarian crooner appears to be the source of discontent.

The controversial song titled ‘New Gangster’ attempts to re-define the meaning of the age old 'gangster' but instead attaches a positive definition of taking care of family, earning honest money and being more community oriented. Or as Nesbeth puts it, "rich and up".

However, it is a line from the Dj Frass produced record that has caused many of the Gaza boss fans to raise an eyebrow amidst speculation the track is in direct reference to Vybz Kartel’s incarceration. The line, which goes 'look at your favourite hero…who nuh lock up play zero', has been interpreted as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the chart-topping deejay beloved by many in the dancehall space.

Since the premier over the weekend, Nesbeth has moved to dispel speculations citing that the song is in no way a direct or indirect reference to the incarcerated star. In a statement to the media the ‘My Dream’ singer said,

“While many will think I am taking a jab at Vybz Kartel__ unfortunately I have to
disappoint them as this song is in no way a reference to him or his situation. Based on their theory then it could also be said it’s aimed at Buju Banton, Shawn Storm and Flippa Mafia as they too are musical heroes of the Jamaican people who are incarcerated.”

Nesbeth continued, “My music is about peace, truth and rights and sometimes in getting that across people misinterpret what is meant with their own understanding of what they think but that does not make it a fact but merely an opinion to which everyone is rightfully entitled to.”

Nesbeth had a breakout year in 2016 with his monster hit ‘My Dream’, widely considered by the Jamaican music industry as the dominant song of that year, topping several charts across the world. Meanwhile the entertainer has been nominated for ‘Cultural Artiste of The Year’ and ‘Favourite Local Chart Topping Song of the Year’ in the upcoming 2017 installment of the Youth View Awards.

The singer has also released the first of two new videos via his official Vevo account ( ‘Live Every Minute’ was shot by British based director Jay Parpworth who is also responsible for ‘D.IA.L’ video. The second video for the Seanizzle produced ‘Road To Glory’ is currently in production.

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