Name of Dancehall Song on Dancehall Overload Vol 8 Mix

I’m trying to find the song and artist name for a track on trauma unit dancehall overload vol 8 may 2015, it starts just before 32 minutes in and it’s like “nah no change no change” in the chorus and I can also make out “if we a friend we a friend from start, no bad mind, no dirty art (I think)” and then also something like “make it inna life and then...something...gunshot” I think that’s enough info, if I could find the track list for the volume I could figure it out myself but I couldn’t find it online. Thanks I’m advance if you can help me hear the full version of this banger.

Answer by Kenroy:

Hello Joe

The name of the song you are searching for is call "Nah Change" by Dancehall artist Demarco.

It was released in April of 2015 on the Kingston Jamaica Riddim produced by Socialyaad Records.

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