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Mr Vegas takes Aim at Bounty Killer for comments he Made about his Suit


Mr Vegas take his anger to his facebook page to let hid fans and Bounty Killer know that he was upset about what he (Bounty) tweeted about the suit which he performed in on Digicel Rising Star Sunday September 15th, 2013.

But Vegas did not stop there, as he went on to make a few points as to what he think are FACTS about Bounty Killer.

Below is a pic of how Mr Vegas dressed for his performance

Vegas Bounty

Below is a Snap shot of what Bounty Killer Tweeted

Vegas Bounty

This is what Mr Vegas had to Say:

To mi fans them.

When a big old man artist, weh near 60, still a act like a little careless gal; find time to take a pic of a pic that was posted in the Jamaica star and a post it and talk shit!
Then mi lose all respect fi him, I care zero who wah defend this mongrel, but mi tiad a this bad mind long mouth bwoy yah!
This is 2013, not 2001 when people nuh know the real truth say a you a the p..sy weh a tek set pon tha artists them, so that's why dem defend yuh!

Me and mi fans them and the audience at TVJ loved the 70s suit! Yuh need fi guh inna the studio and get back the bad Dj voice weh yuh use to have, cause a pure noise yuh a Mek now! Yuh throat clog!

Facts: vybes kartel soon drop a rd, the Dj weh deal wid this mongrel the wickedest!
The Dj weh style him the most and him cah diss Kartel!

Facts: Beenie man make real hit music, so he is still selling out shows and getting shows worldwide, plus him nuh fight the yute dem.
You on the other hand, get zero dates.
A 10 shows tour, cut short to just
3 shows!

Facts: Mi all retire and come forward come si yuh a campaign a dance every night and still cah find ONE hit song!
See you going into every dance, programming the selector dem and anyone weh nuh play yuh song, yuh report dem to the club owner and mash up the youth dem bread!

Facts: Mi si yuh a bawl pon "on stage". a beg the gay people dem fi free yuh up, cause yuh nah get nuh show, yuh nuh have nuh vehicle AND yuh ago stop trouble dem!

Facts: Mi soon need another back up singer!

Facts: The international youth dem not familiar with you, is kartel, Konshens, Idonia, Beenie man, Mavado, RDX, Popcaan, etc etc di yute dem a listen pass the airport!

Facts: bad mind ago kill yuh!

Facts: Every artist weh buss, if dem not a part of your entourage, yuh try kill dem career, but because yuh "shoot up mi pastor and rob the old church" weh mi use to pray inna, yuh cah stop me!
I am blessed!

Facts: Some of your loyalist will bun mi out for this post, but when they leave your presence, they will say "mi nuh like Vegas, but a true him a talk"

Facts: I care zero what you gonna say next, because mi know say empty barrel Mek the most noise!

Facts: The bank was trying to sell me your unfinished house weh them repossess!

Some artist cah get no show, so dem have time to post my pics from my performance on them twitter feed, hoping to get a forward and it fell flat!! It's a new era, when unu did a try mash up artist career, internet never deh bout!! Now everybody have fans fi defend dem!! Your days are far gone, stick to the back up singer role!!!

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Sep 22, 2013
by: Dj wrnikles

Bwoy vegas you made some valid point still, but you fi stop trace like some big hole gal, and killa a dun know bwoy hahahahaha

Sep 22, 2013
Vegas Respeck the General Bounty killer
by: Mega Kingpin

Respeck him, d u love bounty killer all time seen

Sep 19, 2013
I agree with Mr.Vegas
by: Anonymous

Bounty killer u should stop the negative vibes of yours, it breaks da danchall energy when u try creat these statements. I was a big fan of u "killer" but since u diss the youths mi started to dissslike you. So mi respect Mr. Vegas with his courage to tell you h him feel, remember the words of Ras ta Fari " today fo u n tomorrow fo mi" sumurised in street terms.try to get your young Alienc in order! And respect. All Atrtists!! Music we a pree not Violence n Hatred! Bless

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