Mr G We Nevah Like Dem First lyrics

by DRW

Mr G

Mr G

A laugh, mi haffi laugh afta dem man
Weh dem sey? Dem nuh like mi
Lie dem a tell man, hear wah mi sey
Big man ting, A me nevah inna dem man
Mi nuh like dem and dem know dat
Hear mi nuh, Seanizzle

A we nevah like dem first
We nevah like dem first
when yuh hear di hypocrite dem
talk bout dem nevah like we
a we nevah like dem first
go we, a we nevah like dem first
we nevah like dem first
When yuh hear di haters a talk
bout dem nevah like we
a we nevah like dem first, go weh

Verse 1
My family big
so mi nah beg nuh friend
tell di hypocrite dem jump off di deep end
Nah smile, nor laugh, or hail none of dem
Serious like judge, mi nuh inna pretend.
Dem nuh like to fi see how mi career a shot
2020 Mr G still hot
still a mek money and di haters dem not
mi nuh response fi when dem a chat
cause what

Rept. Chours

Verse 2
Hey cuban, how we a live every day dat a bun dem
hot like patexx, good life a shun dem
Money man a mek, mi nuh have time fi dem
have tow show fi mash up ova london
di gyal dem sey dem love off di spice
gyal dem sey dem love off mi voice
Hard mi a work, fi mek mi life nice
But dem waan do mi like dem do Jesus christ

Rept. Chorus

Repeat Verse 1

Rept. Chorus

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