Meleik "Di deva one"

by Soloman

Meleik in middle (King Salla Records)

Meleik in middle (King Salla Records)

My name is Trevor ''Meleik'' Houslin aka. Melano, borned February 23, 1980 to the parents of Sylvia Thompson (housewife) and Oswald Houslin (musician/band owner).

I grew up in the parish of St. Ann Jamaica, my hometown Salem with a large family of ten, three boys being the eldest and i'm third followed by five beautiful sisters.

My childhood was ordinary to that of any Jamaican child, I started basic school before I knew and was reading before I remembered learning to, then went to primary which was Hoolebury All Age School at the time and again before the required time but due to my ability to learn quick I was accepted at the age of four with childre in the class a year or two older, I performed to the standards of any other child in the class and was always in the top two and three.

Maintaining an A average I sat the Common Entrance Examination to enter into secondary level education and got accepted on a part scholarship at York Castle High School in Browns Town, St. Ann.

I remained focus getting high grades and performing well academically until some unfortunate situations took over control and the sweet, lushus life as I knew it started falling apart. This affected my whole schooling which I never recovered from hence me leaving high school with less than was expected of me.

Being out of school in 1996 was the worst year of my entire life, I even reached a stage where I was always short of something shoeless and hungry most of the times but that didn't kill my spirits to reach for my goals, violence and crime was never an option.

I got a job in 1997 at a chemical company managing a outlet in the Runaway Bay area and then to FDR Resorts two years later, this was where I learnt fully to be a man getting involved with a woman who took up where my mother left off and grew me. With a mind for music and a background where musicians were always in and around the yard from birth to this present day, I started playing in my father's band on the drum set learning and mastering the importance of timing in music.

I did that for a year or so then wanted to know what playing sound in a dance session would be like and went on to try, this i caught on to very easily but still it didn't feel enough. I wrote my first song back in high school when i was in grade seven about cricket because that was my favourite sport at the time and was writing my second which was a combination with Leonard ''LJ'' Jones a friend in 2004, this was a soul song which was performed at a mini beauty contest and the response was great, even then music never seemed to be my main focus because doing it was just for fun.

I changed jobs and started working at Couples Tower Isles in St Mary 2005 to date and this was when I met a young artist Andre ''Shakespear'' Dyer 2009 that has been recording and was about to do his first single and I was supportive and pushing him to do so not knowing he would be my motivation along with the cares of life to head that direction.

It was not until another year and a half before i went into the recording box at Cut Stone Records for the first time and never knew being unprepared for something would have been so straineous, the engineer told me my songs were good and for a first timer, ''YUH SONG DEM A SHOT'' , this is a Jamaican term for sounding good.

I tried a few tracks after but they didn't work out well and I was left off the projects, couldn't connect nor could I sing out enough to get the right energy needed for the songs. Later I teamed up with a friend ''Solomon DaCosta'' I met and worked with in the past at an hotel, he was making some rythms but at the time I didn't like much until I heard one that caught ma style, this went on to being my first single done in February entitled MIH DEVA.

We then decided to fully to get the label registered and was using my pet name Melano at the time as an artist but was denied getting it registered. I sat at the agency that day and only seconds later Meleik came to mind and I didn't hesitsted I just used it even though I had already recoreded three songs as Melano, I had to edit and fix some parts to get it out into the bigger public.

I am currently working on building our label King Salla Records and the Meleik brand, I have a few singles working on in the studio present to date and I promise never to let down the expectations of my listeners singing, sing jaying and dejaying delivering songs that are 100 % me.

The Mel in Meleik was taken from melanin linking right back to my African herritage, I am a man proud of my past, my family and friends, experiences good or bad because that is what has been building me over the years and there is much left to be delivered by Meleik and King Salla Records, just keep a listening ear and expect a surprise.

I am currently promoting two of my singles MIH DEVA and HOLIDAY RIDE, these are more of a party vibe but there is no limit because I have a song for everyone.....Meleik...GOOD LIFE MIH SEH

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