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Meet Dancehall/Reggae Recording artiste Paul Anthony (Artiste Interview)

Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony

1. What's your birth name?
Paul Anthony Thompson II

2. Where were you born?
Palm Beach, Florida by way of Kingston 20 on my dad's side. Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada on my mom's.

3. How would you classify your Music, Dancehall or Reggae?
I consider myself a Reggae Dancehall Artist. I will sometimes incorporate American Hip Hop & Electronic Influence into my music, but I strive to honor and represent my Jamaican Roots in my work.

4. Who or what influenced your career choice?
Pat Satchmo. One of Jamaica's Greatest Vocalists and Entertainers. He is also my father.

5. Did you get formal training?
I was in my high school chorus and took music theory classes. I also graduated from Florida Atlantic University in South Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business/Communications.

6. Do you write your own music?
100K! (Yes)

7. If yes, where do you get your lyrical ideas to write?
From life. The joy of love, the pain of it… nature. My own experiences. The experiences of others. Inspiration and content is EVERYWHERE!

8. Who is your mentor?

9. Which of your songs do you love the most?
My latest song. I wrote and voiced a version of Toll Road Riddim called "Endless Love"…

10. What is your worst experience since becoming an artist?
Idleness. Aside from time with family and friends, not being productive is the WORST feeling for me.
Have to keep fire burning!

11. Your best experience?
Being able to wake up every day and do what I love!

12. What would you change about the industry today?
The only way to change the industry is to do so by setting a good example. Deliver quality music to the people, give the PEOPLE who like what you do what they want. We are called entertainers because we exist to entertain people and make them feel good, give them a positive experience. My goal is to generate goodness into the industry and most importantly into the lives of people!

13. What advice would you give to young upcoming artists?
Persistence x Growth = Success

14. How would you describe your music to people?
My music is fun. It will set the mood. Makes you want to dance. The Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall is evident in my sound but you can also hear the American influence. It often fuses both styles together to create something that is original and organic. I am always striving to push the music and culture forward with my work.

15. What image does your music portray?
Love, Yes Definitely Love…

16. What are your career goals?
Being at the point where I am able to use my status to make the world a better place!

17. How would you define the word success?
I and I family not having worry about financial/physical security in life. Doing what I love to reach that point. Being influential enough to inspire others for good.

18. How do you market yourself?
Mi a gyal dem artiste ;)

19. Do you have a manager?
Yes! Her name is Bibi. Since we teamed up recently, she has helped me to focus on being an artist again and not have the stress of managing myself on top of it. It has allowed me to reach an organic place of creativity again!

20. If no, who handles your business?

21. Are you assigned to any specific label?
I have my own label "Yardystyle Productions" but I am always open to the possibility of partnerships.

22. Give five words that describe you, your style and personality.
Honest, Focused, Self-Motivated, Creative, Kool AF

23. Do you have any new material coming out soon?
YES… whole heap. I enjoy putting together albums and releasing them, but we've decided to hold off on that for a while and just drop CHUNE.

Here is my latest single "Every Otha Gyal"

Free DL Link:

24. Have you ever gone on any major tour/tours?.
I tour South Florida often with my band REGGAE SOULJAHS. We have also traveled to the Bahamas to perform.

25. What is the biggest festival/stage show you've performed on?
Jamaican Independence Day Festival in South Florida and Miami Carnival.

26. Which artiste you would love to do a collaboration with?
I love to collaborate with people who are serious about their craft and are not afraid to push boundaries in music! Any artists with that approach, I'd love to work with!

27. Where fans find you on social media, and what are your booking information.
Snapchat: Paul2diAnthony

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