Mavado – Rise Up ft. Akon & Rick Ross Lyrics


(Chorus – Akon)

Can you hear dem now?
In the streets they riot, they riot
But we won’t stand down

We rise up, we rise up
Ain’t no hiding out
When the worlds on fire, on fire
We go stand our ground
We rise up, we rise up

Evil calling in the dark
And evil go somewhere we go

Can you hear dem now
In the streets they riot, they riot
But we won’t stand down

We rise up, we rise up

(Verse 1 – Mavado)
Hope and pray for a better day
When a brighter day would come
Oh so many people dying
In the rising of the sun
Oh and when they think it’s over
Oh this battle just began
Yes and we shall keep on fighting
They could never shoot us down

Am so solid as a rock now
And we only fight to win
Lord and even if I buss this
God forgive me for my sin
In time, we shall seek, we shall find
There are mountains to climb
We shall leave no one behind

(Repeat Chorus – Akon)

(Verse 2 – Rick Ross)
I know they wanna see me fall
I know they wanna see me fail
That’s why I go so hard
And the real will prevail
I will look in to the sky
Won’t let no man gimmi hail
As I reach fro the floor
Drop the gold in the pail
A low ride with the roof gone
Got the money with ma jewels on
Like f**king with ma shoes on
Dope boy need two phones

(Repeat Chorus – Akon)

(Outro – Mavado)
This one for the people
Sing this for the abbnot
Life is like a journey
Life is all we got
Oh but only if we rise up
And fight together we could never stop
If we back down for a minute
It will never stop

And they try so hard to fight us
They will try so hard to win
Survive the desert like the cocktus
Fighting for the king

(Repeat Chorus – Akon)

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