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Lila Iké - Thy Will Lyrics


Thy Will will always be done
Don’t they know
Thy Will will always be done

Say pon this journey weh Jah put me
Whole heap a things me witness
Negative thoughts and unpure heart
A plague we like a sickness
Now the youth dem have a hit list
Pon every stall and most business
Helicopters a circle ‘round the area like a Frisbee
Unsolved mystery mother can’t find pickney
Message in the music is the only way fi fix it
I say Word Sound Power
Lift your hand up if your with me
Nah go make them trick we ‘cause we nah repeat the history

I say wooooi
Weh dem ago do when Jah come
Don’t they know
Thy Will will always be done
My people rise
‘Memba now we black and we strong
And when we are one
This is when we’ll overcome

Oh yes me know a yesterday me born
But me a come from far
Fi we ancestor yes a dem first start study stars
How nowadays dem youth ya wah study war
A nation weh so sweet
It just a get so bizarre
It deep
Look good and then u might spot the scars
Some go bleach it out now this a get too far
Them want fi worship possessions, house and car
No me nah go wrong because a me and Jah Jah par


Now tell me
How come good good Mother Earth full up a natural disaster
Dem sit down in the church with the ungodly pastor
Nah change your nappy but you rape off your daughter
Bredda kill bredda look deh all that no call for
Just watch your back when you a climb up the ladder
Frighten fi see you friend dem wah fi put you inna plaster
Still I no fret ‘cause a time a the master
And I a Jah Jah daughter


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