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Lila Iké - Solitude Lyrics


Peace of mind
That’s just what I seek to find (Oh yeah)
I ain’t in the mood
I just need some solitude (Oh gosh)

But everybody is trying to talk to me yet
Nobody tryna hear me out
Say you’ve got some things to say
Honestly you just a move your mouth
The things you say it makes no sense and me no have the time fi figure it out
Leave me alone
It’s best you just leave me out

See what I’m trying to say is that this cause me so much pain
Feeling like I’ve got no control over my own brain
And it’s sad to see that you don’t see it’s driving me insane
Leave me alone (Oh yes)

Right ya now nuff a dem fi get block and delete
Airplane mode, how the life yah so sweet
Come a ring off me line
Seven days of the week
Oh, me nuffi write, no, me nuffi sleep
Lila beg you this, Lila beg you that, aye
Shut you shhh-, cut the crap
2020 now certain things fi stop
So we disappear to the Habitat cause


Yo everybody is trying to talk to me
And I don’t know just what’s the pree
Certain things them hear and things them see
Cause me deh pon dem radio and tv

One bag a long talking talking
No a no one of those days
What make you ever want start come cross when you know say I’m gonna get paid
Sometimes I don’t understand why you can’t give me some space
Sometimes I feel used, yeah
Sometimes I don’t know

Peace of mind
That’s just what I feel to find (Oh yeah)
I ain’t in the mood (Oh gosh)
I just need some solitude
Is that too much to ask?

Peace of mind
That’s just all I need to find (Oh gosh)
I aint in the mood
I just need some solitude

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