Konshens Mad Mi lyrics (Bong Diggy Bang Riddim)

by Rabihah



Watch dem gyal deh
You si dem?...watch dem
Yuh si dem...mad..yuh si dem?

Di bass a bump fast but you a wine slow like a pro
Ohhh what a flow what a flow
Little dress a ride up
Yuh know what a show
Send off di owna mi know
Gyal yuh and yuh fren dem
Unnuh bad from..Bad from yuh little and a grow
Mi Rawtid, look yah.ewrrrrrkk
You mek cock a crow

Tek time nuh yuh just a whine and a gwaan soh
Yuh just a giggle and a gwaan soh
Tek time nuh yuh just a whine and a gwaan soh
A wah do you
Eiah Gyal yuh a go mad mi
eeehhh..A wah do you
Stop tell mi fi damage you
Gyal yuh a go mad mi
eeehhh..A wah do you
Who tell you mi can manage you
Yow..you a go mad mi
Mi say stopppp..Mi yuh slip out mi back

Ohhh you come fi mad mi
Bet say yuh no chat when mi drink sittin and come back

Mi jump inna mi care
Link mi grampa down a west
Him always know whats best
Back inna di days, a di soursop
strengthen up our back
No gal cuddin come test
Him gi mi some Noni mix wid soursop
And a pound a di high grade sessss
Den him say gwaan now
Do wah mi tell you
When yuh si har, tell har i sen yuh
Mi did drive go country
Mi run come back
Reach a town all a di shop dem lock
Go tiger-mart mi haffi get strapp up
Wid a magnum tonic fi di extra top up
Mi call har
She si mi number and a pop up
Yow mi soon come, wake up, hang up
Drive way, grill, door get knock up
When she come out mi say whadd-up

You ago mad mi..eeehhh
A wah do you, who dis a nuh you
Bwoy you a go mad mi..A wah mi do
Tek time wid mi nuh do
You a go mad mi..Mi say stoppp..
Mind you mash up mi back
So you ago mad mi
lawd mi shuddin chat
see day now a di hulk come back

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Mar 07, 2013
by: sweetlipz venus

mad mad mad maddddddddd!!! its a good look a swear it shot...

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