Konshens & J Capri - Pull Up to Mi Bumper Lyrics


(J Capri – Chorus)
Just pull up to mi bumper
Pull up to mi bumper
Come inna yo long black Lemozeen
And just bend mi over
Pull up to mi bumper
Pop out yo key an shub it inn

When mi pull up to yo bumper
Pull up to yo bumper
C**key meck yo bwal an meck yo scream
When mi bend yo over
Big fat machine wi a clap extension magazine

(Cerse 1)
When mi si da fat pu**y deh weh yuh have a wuk wid
A walk out deh till yo drop down dead
Then mi fling more c**key fi yo pu**y
Meck yo rase up shake up, drop off a bed

Hey gyal yuh a tease mi
But mi like it
Mi no have no self control mi cyaa fight it
So when yo talk it mek sure yo ready fi skin it out
Dash it out, go paw yo head

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – J Capri)
Konshens pull up to mi bumper
Mi deh paw mi hand
Mi ready fi mi service
Aline an balance
Set up mi front end fi drive go a France
Cause mi a no the poor teezie be carlance
Bubble mi a bubble, a mi favorite song
Jiggle, jiggle, up mi body till yo waan left yo gyal
Haffi prove to yuh caw mi hear seh yo bad
Crank up yo shawf when yo piston bad

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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