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Jada Kingdom - Shen-Heng Lyrics

Heh heh heh

Ahh mad, hear dis

The gal a sell har mouth from QQ a sing better mus come
And all now me cah see a weh the bitch a run down
And everybody can touch it
And dem nuh haffi have no funds
She friendly and dumb she will dweet fi the fun

little miss chin haffi get the beng
Ding Dong coulda send bout a dozen yeng yeng
Shen still a get heng infront a bag a fren
Me nuh back from no gal cah wid defence
Di only ting rough bout you is you gunman voice
Suck c&^ky fi di feature you nuh have no choice
Fuk around and the K shoot out yuh chinee iye
Me nuh get fi hold you yet so me a improvise

Weh you a round bout
The clown hide when she see me inna the airport
The whole a dancehall know bout you slack mouth
And how you stale pusi big like John sport
Gwan go take a bucket and take a seat yuh front a leak
It so loose rubiech haffi a used him feet
After him done eat, sleep den repeat
Yuh get brave from you get the fake batty

But you is a punk
Bad fi who you mussi drunk
Walk alone but me links dem a ...
You is a bitter child
Take set pon me all the while
But this time you haffi get a stung
Me say dah "B" mussi nuh have no sense
A who tell em fi trouble me
She say fi meet har out side but when me reach a bare rassclaat security
You is a big coward groupie
Everybody know me unruly
True me silent dem nuh know a who me
Yuh little lame freestyle never move me

Me say one day you must get one outta me banana clip
And if you try run you get a banana slip
Shot crush you up like banana chips
Me see seh you is a fan of me banana hit

Heh heh
Me tell dem lowe me enuh dog
Seh she name steng see yah (Smell bad)
Go bathe, make too much noise man
Tiad a you yah now bredren
Breast dem look like squeeze up bun yuh fuk
Chinese stuff duck
All me know one condom coulda prevent you
hmmmmm crossesssssssss

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