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Irish and Chin to Convene Sound System Fraternity to Support Ricky Trooper in New York

New York, New York -- May 2023 --Irish and Chin will host a celebration of life for Ricky Trooper's daughter Brianna McKoy at their Sound Chat Media studio and office on Saturday, May 13 at 8 PM ET in Queens, NY.

The company, which has been at the forefront of sound system culture for over 25 years, is convening members of the sound system fraternity to gather and personally give Ricky Trooper (Garfield McKoy) the strength and encouragement he needs to get through such a tough time.

"I truly want to keep the sound system industry united by all means and demonstrate that we need to be there for each other in difficult times," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin. "Sound Clash is a game we play, but life is the reality we live! We can't continue to mix up the two, as our rivalries are solely for entertainment purposes. Our real lives should be filled with respect and admiration for each other's contributions."

The legendary Ricky Trooper is the bearer of the first ever Irish and Chin World Clash title. Prior to winning World Clash in 1998, Trooper starred in many of Irish and Chin's earlier events. Notably, the famed selector's participation helped the young promotions company make a mark very early on in their careers. And for this, they are forever grateful.

Sadly, Brianna McKoy succumbed tragically on April 6, 2023 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ricky Trooper was granted a visa under humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds for the purpose of burying his daughter.

Brianna's funeral was on Friday, May 5. Gilbert "Irish" Murchison of Irish and Chin played an integral role in Trooper obtaining his visa. He still awaits a visa that will allow him to work in America. Upon the popular selector's arrival to the U.S. and fresh off the plane, Trooper visited the Sound Chat Media studio and office.

In a public announcement that hit social media, Ricky Trooper said, "I am finally back in the USA after so many years. The place I had to visit first from
the JFK airport a di place that hold up the Dancehall culture, Sound Chat Radio. Had to pay respect."

The sound clash fraternity is Trooper's second family. With a longrunning career as both a member of Kilimanjaro and owner of Sound Trooper Sound System, Trooper is undeniably one of the most influential selectors of his time. This gathering will give Trooper's fans, friends, and colleagues a chance to pay their respects.

Most of the people who will attend haven't seen Trooper in a very long time, as he has not been to the United States in over 13 years. The selector is one of several entertainers whose visa was revoked in 2010. As this celebration of life will also be broadcasted live on Sound Chat Radio to over 30 cities, listeners and fans of Ricky Trooper will have an opportunity to express their condolences.

Irish and Chin and Ricky Trooper have had a very documented rough history over the years, unfortunately. Despite a successful beginning together, the two entities had a lengthy exchange of words. It's important to put the past aside. Life is fragile.

"Trooper's tragic loss of a love one made me realize that even the toughest of the tough can experience hurt and pain. When I heard the news, it hit me hard. The feeling I felt erased the impact of all the bad memories of the rivalry between Trooper and me. I just immediately prayed for him to get through his unthinkable loss and pain. Holding a sound system celebration of life at the Sound Chat Radio studio was my natural response to the tragedy."

Sound Chat Media is a leading entertainment and media company dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of the industry's sung and unsung heroes.

Recently, Sound Chat Radio celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Sean Paul's "Dutty Rock" album with Sean Paul live in studio. During an in studio interview with Shaggy, he was also celebrated for his many contributions. Parent company, Irish and Chin, is credited for Crowning Daddy Uroy and Brigadier Jerry as pioneers of sound system culture.

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