Gage Dancehall Documentary A Not So Dancehall Freestyle


Gage is back! Not that he ever left but this track, among others, has put Gage to the forefront of the Dancehall scene again, regardless if you are a fan of the “Throat” DJ or not.

Gage is known for his hard-hitting lyrics. However, this track isn't regarded as a Dancehall song, except for his usual Dancehall flow and even went as far as to state from the very intro that the track, Dancehall Documentary”, doesn't even qualify as Dancehall before jumping into a lyrical firestorm on a popular Hip-Hop beat.

The words he spits out are a clear indication of built up frustration. Gage seems unhappy with the way things have changed in his life, how he has been portrayed over the years as if he is the only bad guy in the business and is basically having a conversation with his listeners. He vents throughout the track, with no hooks, no choruses, no pauses or breaks. From start to finish it's a continuous flow, a reality check of some sorts, on how the industry has been treating him in an unfair manner for whatever reasons unbeknown to him.

The lyrics jump out at you at rapid speed but very easily understandable even for the non-Dancehall and non-Hip-Hop or Rap listener. He criticizes past management and states how the blame was placed on him, the celebrity, “the one with the fame”, when things didn't work out then. He claims he changed the way he did things since then and insists that listeners should write down what he is saying because he doesn't want anyone to falsely accuse him of saying something foolish or untruthful. Gage also says that interviewers stopped asking him sensible questions and only seemed concerned about other artists who they think may have surpassed him in the industry.

One standout line states:   “...90% think bout blow job when them hear bout succeed...” which speaks to the current mindset of typical Jamaicans today.

Many will say that he has been listening to too much Eminem and copying him to the letter but as Gage states from the beginning of the song that he had to “change the station” in order to get a different viewpoint on how to approach his career and take it beyond where he may have felt it was left stagnant. Throughout the song, Gage figuratively but blatantly tells his listeners that he found out how to go around his obstacles, beat the system, literally change the game and claim the success that is rightfully his.

Other recent tracks like “Family”, “Views”, “Underrated” and The Awaken”, all of which are freestyles as well, proves that Gage is on another level mentally with his writing, who he surrounds himself with, his previous lifestyle and has changed the way he approaches life at the moment from now on. He has stopped bleaching, changing his image, speaks his mind more and has even reshuffled his team a bit. Gage believes that he is getting a huge fight from several industry personnel but won't let that deter him from claiming his place at the top as one of the greatest lyricist of all time, among the greats. Overall, he is giving it to his naysayers, the unforgiving and the ones who don't want any good to come to him.

Gage, so far, has received over 100,000 views on YouTube for “Dancehall Documentary” across several channels and should be duly noted that there is no clean version of this track. He has just returned from another successful weekend in Trinidad where he did two shows with many more big shows and tours in the making. Gage has just released a stellar mixtape called The Young Legend Mixtape filled with similar Hip-Hop fusion freestyles and remixes.

He will be releasing more music in August, including “Love Story” for Nation Cry Music and videos for the single, “Family”, by Jugglerz Records and “Send Dem Come” by Biggs Productions on the Dark Step Riddim. Gage has many more materials and shows coming soon, so stay tuned to his social media networks, including his YouTube channel at Gage TV. Dancehall Documentary” is only the beginning of what looks to be an endless trailblazing journey to an insurmountable successful path to the highest musical realm.

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