Frisco Kid aka Ancient Monarchy 'Dancehall and Reggae Music Artiste

Frisco Kid - Born Steve Wray in west kingston,I started deejaying at Kingston Secondary School as a teenager,

Frisco Kid

But it was only to take me years and much trial to get a break as a professional living in port more at that time where there was no studio only a few sound system, back in the 1980"s only in the city you could find a studio,plus transportation was difficult to move arround.

So I start deejaying,working a number of small sound systems in the area where I live from 1986 to 1988 accompany by my frend froggy dumpa, I link up with Micheal Buckley, Brigadeer Jerry ,Carl meeks big artist in the place at that time I was a kid.

I graduate from Kingston secondary school in the year 1989 theni decided to move back to West Kingston. Back in the city,to live with my mom,i started to learn trade as a mechanic, i learn about street life where only the strong survive,I've seen many try and many die and many mothers cry some time i wounder y but yet i get no reply.

In 1992 I got shot then I realize that ganster life wasn't my style, I link up with a elder my the mane of Mr Wong he was the promoter of the famous back line every Wednesday night party where I perform some time, one following wednesday Exdous nuclear was book to play that when I got the link with the owner of the sound who's real name is father Romey he decided to bring me to the studio to do a dub plate for him from the recommendation of Mr Wong we went to the killaman Jaro studio were I do my first dub plate under the name Paro kid.

From then I started visit the studio much more often (walk, ride or drive). Things began to get ruff and tuff so I decided to move on to Arrows studio's where thins was a little bit faster, in 1992 I met many artiste such as Round Head, Power Man, Spragga Benz, General b, Baby Wayne, Captain Barkey,Wicker man, Ninja kid, Louie Culture, Terro fabulous many more.

We all live like brothers we always looking out for each others.thats how i link with Shocking vibes and voice my first song titled (gal cant go dance agian) which became a dancehall anthm give thank to Redman and the Jamrock crew for all the support. and to Round head forgiving me such a oppertrinity to make my voice be heard because he was d one who to the voicing that nite when the egineer walk out on me.

I meet Dave Kelly in 1993 through Terro Fabalous thats when i voice big speech on the pepper seed rythm that does very well localy and internationally, my first management team was a lady call Sandy along side Scoffery my road manager, my team member was artist like Spragga Benz, Sugar Slick,Judas,and Tommark, just four of us.

1994 Spragga Benz brought me on my first tour with him it was a great experience flying on a plane for the first time and going to a foreign country, nuff love and respect to Spragga Benz my family for life, then in 1995 I sign with Shocking vibes production where I went on the road on a world tour,wit Beenie man,Tonto metro and Devante,Little kirk, Silver cat and Snagga puss.

We went to places like Japan, Urope, United State And all over the Carribean islands, but tings wasnt goin as I tought it would so after the contract with Shocking vibes ended I move on to Mad house production govern by d wizzard him self Dave kelly were a number of hits song dominate the place and took be to the level of my first album titled (FINIALY) distrubuted by VP record world wide.

(FINIALY) brought me across the world again touring with artiste like Wyane Wonder, Baby Cham,Determine,Mr Easy,Lady Saw,Tanya Sephens,General Degree, Sugar minot,Greogery Issac and many more. In the year 2000 I add to my name aka (Anceint Monrachy) then the music take me to a different heights thats when I started to seek Rastafrai and his works, so i link with Judgement yard and some of the High priest from the Bobo hill camp which inspire me fi sing song like Lion paw, Round here, Tell me Y, Mash up the place ,Pop pop off, Fire bun on the millitary rythm witch was so accpeted by the fans across the carribean, but was some of the top sellers in europe which take me back on a next europe tour, after all this hard work I decided to spent some time with the family.

In 2006 I link up with Steven McGregor from Big ship which as been my producer from that time up till this time,I am currently working on a album which will be release soon God bless to all my friends and my fans, thanks for all your support throught the years i am looking forward to see u soon at a venue near you JAH BLESS!!

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Dancehall artiste Frisco Kid 'Gyal World' official music video Not rated yet
This is the official music video for veteran dancehall and reggae music artiste Frisco Kid's 'Gyal World'. Watch and enjoy below.. READ MORE …

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