Emperor Creates new Era of Reggae with Smash Hit Single and Video: “Kawasaki”

by Gareth Hay
(Lakewood, WA. USA)



The Super duo
cREW Love.

Oct 02, 2012 - "Kawasaki”, like its name, will definitely get your music motors revved and ready to hit the dance floor, full force! “Kawasaki” by Emperor featuring DJ Unk, is the new reggae dance single of this era.

It is sure to mesmerize listeners as soon as the melody begins. Imagine two crossover songwriting super-talents with a plethora of culture and independence. Only then will you begin to understand the crown of the super-duo, EMPEROR. Saint Michael, “Rip The Hallways” ( Scotty McCreery & David Leathers) creator, songwriter for 17 years, producer for 14 years for acts such as, Young Jeezy, Kalenna, Diddy, Dirty-Money, Jim Jones, Juvenile, and others, is only one half of the Emperor duo.

G-Terra, playing on Jamaican air waves since age 13 has sold thousands independently, opened for Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Luciano, and many others, completes the other half of the duo.
“G-Terra" began his career as a Reggae artist that later crossed-over into Hip-Hop, Pop, and other genres. Vice-versa, Saint Michael was originally a Hip-Hop/Pop artist who crossed-over into Reggae.

The synchronized balance of their individual lyrical ability, delivery, and energy compliments the other’s and can only be described as each other’s mirror. When you combine the talent and experience of Emperor with talents such as DJ Unk (“Walk It Out” & “Two Step”) with instrumentals produced by Jon FX, the Reggae-Dancehall hit producer of Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” and “Hold Yuh Remix” feat Nicki Minaj, there is no doubt a dance hit will be produced from that studio session.

“Kawasaki” was released on May 31st, 2012, to all major digital music stores, including iTunes, and has gained much success over international radio, already. What better way to capture the vision for the single than with a high energy video shot in Myrtle Beach, SC, during the Atlantic Beach Bike Week and nightlife scenes from Emperor’s hometown of Fayetteville, NC? In the video, produced by Kevin Spence (“We Like to Party” by Beyonce feat J.Cole producer), Team Myrtle West showcases their talent as camera captures footage of the team performing some of their exclusive bike tricks. The video also features Fancy, Jet Magazine’s Beauty of the Week, from their January 2012 edition.

Fancy entices all audiences, with her exotic beauty and sensational silhouetted curves, to join her on the dance floor and embrace the "Kawasaki" dance movement.

"Kawasaki”, for me, is a creative release, which has no boundaries within its sound. The coming together of creative minds, "Emperor" (Saint Michael & G-Terra) and I have justified... that soul, dance hall, and hip hop creates great vibes. The melodies within the record alone send you into a tropical trance. This is indeed one of my most favorite collaborations, visually and creatively." - DJ Unk “The new sound of reggae music is “Kawasaki.” –Jon FX.

"Emperor" is the future of reggae/dance-hall/music, their musical attributes is far more greater than any other artiste I have worked with before, they are an inspiration, not just to me but to the whole musical fraternity, and indeed their versatility and musical ability will certainly sustain, not just for today but for years to come, emperor to the world..."Soldier"..Ceo RokcstoneProduction.

Booking Info: OfficialEmperor@gmail.com / solgierokcstone@gmail.com:
myspace.com/OfficialEmperor www.
Video Link:http://youtu.be/NS62QAsQrLQ

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