Eka Mouse - 'The Musical Genius'

With his intuitive incomparable poetic views, connected to his unique signature sound he continues to serenade and evoke the attention of the global audience.

The musical Genius, Sir Eka Mouse have created and invented a solid musical catalogue that supplies the hunger and quench the thirst of his adoring reggae music fans over the decades.

Though eccentric and unpredictable the reggae icon from Trench Town Jamaica is back in studios working on his soon to be released album.

He laments "expect great things from this project with a variety of sounds and arrangements compressed with a reggae overtone.

First single from the album to be released with the accompanying video is called 'BARTENDER'.

This track is upbeat, techno, funk with a fast pitch reggae groove. Also expect to unearth great attention globally is the single 'THE WALL' which is a poetic blues groove social commentary edition of USA President elect border intentions.

Eka Mouse has survived with hits like-'Virgin Girl, Ganja Smuggling, Khaki Suit with Junior Gong and the Freak' just to name a few.

Eka Mouse will be busy later this year as he will be touring Europe this summer promoting his new album.

By: the unknown traveler


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