Dolli wid a Difference or Dolli of Disloyalty?

by TamoyEnt

Well it started out as an average day for TamoyEnt but after a blast we got a story which we had to give to you. It was brought to our attention that the sexy diva, rising female dance-hall artiste Dolli was working along with Antsman Promotion who a close

associate says gave her that break or "Buss har".

The associate also mentioned thatbecause of what she did, some important international medium has pulled her songs and video saying she was very disrespectful and disloyal. It is also said she has disrespected others in the industry. "Dolli feel like people a beg har or she reach weh she a go, mek she stay deh" said the associate.

We decided to contact Antsman who was skeptic with words but in agreement with all which was said. "She lost some great fans because of what she did and I'm not a fan of ungrateful people" says Antsman. He went on to say "She good still, wish her the best".

After this we decided we need the artiste's take on what was being said we were even told by Antsman associate to contact her and see what she would have to say.

The Gangster Girl singer was not too hard to track down and was very upset about the accusation. She states " that's a lie. Why people so lie and wicked? All he did was blast my music. Mek dem come try jump pon Dolli back now that mi a get mi break". At this
point we were caught between what the truth is but let God be the judge of that.

The artiste is really climbing appearing on shows in the past like "Richie & Friends2012", Spanish Town Jerk Festival" and shows coming up like Portmore Seafood Festival April 1st 2013, Fish Fry In Style April 26th and much more. Let's watch where this career takes her as she continues to climb towards success.

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