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Does Reggaeton Music Influence College Students?

Does Reggaeton Music Influence College Students? - Listening to music while studying is common among college students.

Studies indicate that music can improve an individual’s cognitive performance during a study session.

Although listening to music while studying is considered beneficial, the genre of music counts when it comes to the type of influence a student gets from it. Reggaeton is one of the most controversial music genres that combines Hip Hop, RnB, and traditional Latin music styles. 

The genre is the most popular among college students and influences them in the following ways:

Does Reggaeton Music Influence College Students?Does Reggaeton Music Influence College Students?

Better mood for studying

Research shows that there is a connection between music, emotions, and memory. One attribute of Reggaeton is its freedom with lyrics. 

The energetic style used in the songs creates an energetic mood in students. As they listen to the music, the brain releases dopamine, a chemical that helps them remain happier and active throughout.

Students are better at solving problems when they are in a positive mood than when in a neutral or negative mood. Reggaeton music is characterized by fascinating beats that combine reggae and hip-hop. The music can help students to relax, thus study more efficiently.

Any form of music, including Reggaeton, lowers cortisol levels, which are responsible for stress and anxiety feelings. For long study sessions, some Reggaeton music in the background can help students to stay focused and motivated the entire time. 

The more you are relaxed, the better your study session will be. However, this will depend on the type of song you play. Some reggaeton songs feature a very rough style that cannot create this calming effect.

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Influence on thoughts and feelings

College students are at a sensitive stage in their lives. Continuous listening to Reggaeton music has been known to stir aggressiveness and hostility among the listeners. Most individuals who listen to the songs for long end up feeling hostile without any threat or provocation. 

Due to the violent nature of this style of music, levels of violence are bound to increase among students who cannot control their emotions. Such students may also develop aggressive thoughts and may find it hard to interact with others. 

As a student, you will need to deal with sexism and machismo as you listen to Reggaeton music. Some scenes and lyrics may be problematic to enjoy due to their homophobic nature. 

However, if you listen to the songs selectively, you may find it easy to keep your thoughts and feelings under control.  

Does Reggaeton Music Influence College Students?Does Reggaeton Music Influence College Students?

Effects on IQ and personality

According to research, listening to music with certain types of lyrics can be distracting while reading, studying or writing. The brain may struggle to process the lyrics and concentrate on school work at the same time. 

This kind of multi-tasking may significantly decrease your IQ and is what happens when students use their concentration levels to listen and sing along Reggaeton music. 

Some people have argued that the lyrics used in Reggaeton music influence college students to start thinking differently about the topics addressed in the songs. Such people believe that music encourages violence, misogyny, and other evils within the school setting.

The use of manipulative expressions and curse words is common in the songs and maybe adopted as well, affecting the entire intellectual training process in schools. 

However, a significant percentage of college students have been impacted positively by listening to these songs as they are made aware of the issues affecting people of their age.  

More self-awareness

Reggaeton music involves dance moves that expand your knowledge and feeling about your body. One strong attribute in the dance moves is the promotion of self-acceptance and enjoying being yourself.

Most young people consider Reggaeton as one of the music genres that is “fashionable.” 

Due to the popularity of the music style, various fashion and luxury organizations are now using Reggaeton artists to market their brands. These artists have a staggering following, especially from young people and students.  

The songs have also been used for a long time to address race issues among individuals whose identity is not clear. Most people consider the style as the only one that allows people to express themselves freely. 

By listening to Reggaeton music, college students can become more self-aware, and learn to express themselves, and handle issues more freely. 

More appreciation of society

Besides its catchy danceable beats, Reggaeton music aims at addressing most of society’s big problems, such as machismo, sex, violence, unemployment, and gang life. Therefore, music makes students more aware of their society and how they need to avoid getting into these problems. 

The issues addressed by Reggaeton lyrics are common in most urban areas. This music introduces a culture of change among young people, which can be beneficial to college students. 

From the songs, the students get an idea of current societal challenges and how to address them. They can quickly identify current trends among young people. By doing this, the students feel more connected to the society and the world around them.


Reggaeton music has remained controversial because of its influence on the listeners. For students, the music can have both positive and negative effects depending on the type of songs listened to. The lyrics to the songs have been considered problematic by most people, yet they have had a positive effect on a number of young people. As a student, being selective with the kind of songs will help determine the benefit you draw from them. 

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner is a professional education researcher whose mission is to simplify the pedagogy to enable easy and quick learning for students. He’s also regarded as one of the best thesis and dissertation writers and trusted by many students for their work. In his free time, he loves DIY woodworking, birdwatching and running on the beach.

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