Devin Di Dakta Turns To Business, Set To Launch App

Dancehall artiste, Devin Di Dakta has added entrepreneur to his list of talents by announcing that he and a team of friends will be launching a brand new android app.

The app will allow event promoters and attendees to advertise and discover events across the island. Atendify, as it will be called, has already been registered. It will be made available to Smartphone users as soon as next month. It will be free and available for download from the Google Play store.

Devin Di Dakta told the STAR that he and his team came up with the idea for the app after recognising there was a need for events listings to get with the times and take advantage of technological advancements.

“It’s 2016 and to be walking on the road and see people putting up posters. It is just inefficient. It’s not reaching the number persons it’s supposed to reach,” he said.

“This is the technological age and thinking about it, every body today has a smartphone or has access to a smartphone so it’s easier to have the app and makes more sense especially for a promoter.”

His partner and CEO of Atendify, Mario Thomas, agreed.

“Developing and launching Atendify means that every promoter across the island, no matter how large or small the event or advertisement budget will have equal access and opportunity to advertise their events to locals and tourists,” he said in a media release.

“This democratisation will propel our globally recognised entertainment industry into the 21st century and give more people access to its benefits.”

According to Devin Di Dakta, the app will be different from others of its kind as it will categorise events for users. For example, if persons are interested in going to street dances or stage shows, the app will group the events accordingly and one can search based on the type of event you wish to attend. The app will also give you the option of purchasing tickets for the event on the spot and will also give directions to the event by accessing Google Maps.

“My goal is that Atendify will be used throughout the Caribbean for promoting and selling tickets for events. De joining long line ting to buy tickets and using flour to put poster on light posts and wall is outdated and inefficient,” Devin Di Dakta said.

Devin Di Dakta also told THE STAR that Atendify is the first in a series of business related ventures that he will undertake in the next few years as he seeks to become more than the ordinary entertainer.

“I have a lot more things to come so just look out,” he said. “Most of what I have in store has to do with helping the music industry not just artistes but event promoters, producers, everybody.”

Kemal Brown, a marketing consultant attached to Digitral Global Marketing, told THE STAR that Devin Di Dakta and his team are taking a risk with this new app especially since apps with a similar objective already exists within the space.

The consultant, who has worked on projects such as Start Up Jamaica, explained that it's always a gamble when one decides to create an app as app downloading is on the decline.

"People want a singular experience when they are on their phones and so an app has to be able to offer that if people are going to pay it any attention," he explained.

"App downloading is on the decline and studies show that of the apps that people download, the ones most commonly used are social media related."

He went on to say that the success of the app is dependent on the need.

"It all comes down to how much people need it. It's success is tied to functionality and whether people find it useful."

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