Dancehall Reggae artiste KG-9 aka Hyporak

by DRW

KG-9 aka Hyporak

KG-9 aka Hyporak

Budding Mobay artiste, Hyporak is boasting encouraging sales of his fifth album "I Love My Life" since it was released in late August.

The album feature 13 tracks and has songs such as "Straight Up" and "Like a Game". A music video for the title track "I Love My Life" is now available on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook.

(See video below..)

He is one of the best artiste out of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Hyporak is all about taking it to the next level where the music business in Mobay is concern.

He fell in love with music at the age of 12 and was strongly influence by one of his uncle who was a Deejay, KG-9 as he was first call used to knock on old pan or anything thay could be a substitute for a drum set and his uncle would flow on the beet.

The name KG-9 is the initial of his name "Kevin Gray" and the 9 is for the nine month he spend in his mother womb. He soon change his name to Hyporak as he said the name KG-9 is not so marketable.

The name hyporak was derive from the workd hyperactive and also describe his behavior on and off stage.

He is currently working with record label such as Vybes Records located in Rose Heights, Montego Bay and also Greenland Records also base in Montego Bay.


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