Dancehall reggae artiste Crazy Woney

Dancehall reggae artiste Crazy Woney - Crazy Woney (born Christopher Clarke) was born in the small town of Rockfourth in Kingston Jamacia.

At the tender age of 12 years old, Crazy woney knew he had a gifted talent, although he never considered to take it seriously until he came to settle in the UK at 16 years of age.

Crazy Woney's peers at school would always emphasize to him, how multi talented he was, and it was only then that Crazy Woney decided to take his talent further.

After years of writing lyrics, and voicing them, Crazy woney now found himself on the path of becoming one of the leading UK dancehall artist's.

With his versatile ability unique flavor, and reality lyrics, Crazy woney has brought a slice of the Caribbean dancehall flavor, and made a fresh new presence of dancehall music in the UK, ultimately contributing to the UK dancehall scene.

Crazy woney's highlight came when he attended a stage show where the famous dancehall Artist "Bounty Killer" was performing, and a DJ asked Crazy Woney to the stage to show his talent, he did, and the crowd was estatic.

With his new found status as an artist he has gone from strength to strength. known now as the biggest UK Artist as a lyricist who impacts any riddim with his metorphoric yet positive flow Uk Artist Crazy Woney has taken his career to new heights.

As well as a solo artist he is also lead vocalist of the newflex crew and Crazy Woney frequently teams up with another leading UK dancehall/reggae Artist/producer K.Wizzle.

Crazy woney features in K.wizzles new single "Big plans Big dreams" which the song and video became a favourite in London, England. His hits are a favorite in the Dancehall scene in London and he now is known as the UK most rising Dancehall artist, which he has also been nominate for a number of awards and also won best improved Dancehall Artist.

Some of his tracks are taking the airwaves by storm. The reality lyrics accompanied by his vocal talent is causing a Crazy hype and is a favorite in the UK dancehall club scene.

Watch out for this multi talented artist's new releases in 2011

For more info regarding this artist please visit his facebook

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