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Dancehall Queen Carlene Biography

There is no woman in the history of Jamaica’s entertainment industry that is distinctively sexually attractive and proud of their body like Carlene.

She is a buxom beauty with a flat tummy, flawless skin tone, infectious smile, a big heart, genuine personality and a fearless fashionista who sports revealing exotic couture, adorn with expensive and classy jewelries, her wigs and outfits would match her personality impeccably. She is classified as Jamaica’s “Marilyn Munroe”.

Carlene revolutionized the Jamaican Dancehall culture with her fearless fashion and fiery dance moves. She represents the outré fashions and hard-core sensibilities of the Dancehall world, so naturally her fans and the media couldn't wait to see what she would be wearing at her next performance.

Carlene is Jamaica’s first Dancehall Queen and the undisputed Queen of the Dancehall. In the 90’s she was the trendsetter in the Dancehall with her skimpy stylish fashion and dance techniques. Despite of her association in the ghetto and the Dancehall, Carlene had a middle class upbringing and was raised in the district of Ravina, St. Andrew, Kingston by both of her parents; her father is from a German descendant. She was educated at the Alpha Preparatory School, Excelsior High School and further her tertiary education in the U.S.A. During her teenage years she would show-off her dance talents at local fêtes and teen jams.

Fashion Clash Competition:

In 1992 Carlene perform at an event dubbed Fashion Clash -“Uptown Fashion vs. Downtown Fashion staged at the then popular Cactus nightclub in Portmore the promoter of this event was the late Vivian Blake of the Shower Posse, she and her dance crew Pinky (sister), Sharon and Lorna (friends) competed against the likes of top models such as the former Miss Jamaica World, Erica Aquart, with no doubt she won the competition, at that time she was 18 years old and that was the beginning of victory in several other competitions for her.

Who Carlene Represent:

Carlene is embrace by both upper, middle and lower class Jamaicans. She has broken the social barrier between Uptown and Downtown today, we can see uptowners mingling with the downtowners at Dancehall events such as Cash Money Thursdays, Pasa Pasa, Weddy Weddy and Uptown Mondays etc.

Carlene has brought something different to the Dancehall industry; somewhat similar to what Madonna has introduced to the Pop culture. She has helped to give the Dancehall an identity. She came into the Dancehall with an image that persons were not used to and while the Dancehall fraternity accepted it, there were some who didn't enthusiastically accept this change in the Dancehall and in the Jamaican culture.

The Fashion Icon:

In 1986, when Carlene was 15 years old, she had worn a three-inch mini-skirt whilst out in Kingston, causing traffic chaos in Half Way Tree Road; the occurrence was even reported on the radio. Comments from critics is that Carlene is an outrageous person, noted Carlene, “I always had it in me to wear little of whatever I wanted to wear”, I didn’t think of it as rude; I just thought of it as an expression of fashion”.

Carlene also has a flair for designing her own fashion; most of the dazzling and chic fashion she wore then, to the Dancehall was created by her; nevertheless, she would still wear designs by top Jamaican designer Earl “Biggy” Turner. Her taste of fashion can be classified as exotic, unique and fabulousity.

The Entertainer:

Carlene has performed around the world and sold out venues. Her fans admire her for her light-skinned, curvaceous body; many described her as the “uptown, brownin” or the “clean-skin Dancehall Queen” also being admired for her risqué fashion, colorful wigs, attire in a lot of fashionable jewelries and sporting sexy body piercing. She has performed with popular Jamaican artists such as Shabba Ranks, Junior Tucker, Carlene Davis, Ninja Man, Chaka Demus & Pliers, and Lady Saw etc.

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The Dancehall Queen Competition:

Carlene influence is still felt in Dancehall culture today, both locally and internationally. We can see Rihanna doing the Butterfly dance in the Rude Bwoy music video and some of Carlene’s fashion was emulated by her in the Pour it Up music video, which spurs a controversy on the internet with Carlene’s fans and Rihanna.

The concept of the annual Dancehall Queen Competition was duplicated from the staging of the Fashion Clash competition in 1992. The terminology Dancehall Queen was coined by Carlene she was the initiative of the Fashion Clash Competition in 1992. After the first successful staging of Fashion Clash, the competition was introduced island wide and Carlene and her crew would be headlined for this event. The Dancheall Queen competition has become a commodity and the title Dancehall Queen has become a career for some young women worldwide, each year females from across the world would come to Jamaica and compete for the vying title “Dancehall Queen”, despite of the many that have dressed in attention-grabbing outfits and done bone-defying expressions for the acclaimed tilted, none of them to date to this day haven’t achieved or created an impact in the Dancehall culture compared to the niched Carlene has carved.

Her Love Life:

In the 90’s Carlene had a long-term relationship with International Dancehall artist Beenie Man; the couple were media favourites in Jamaica. Both of them worked as a Brand Ambassador for Courts and Slam Condom. In 1999 both of them had a daughter together; she then married to Danhai Williams, who is now her ex-husband.

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