Dancehall Devoted Dee Dre Drops Another Heavy Hitter!

Dancehall Devoted Dee Dre Drops Another Heavy Hitter! - According to the adage, the difference between a talented individual and a successful one is often defined by their level of determination and consistency.

Two of the many guiding principles by which Jamaican recording artiste Dee Dre lives his life as he aims to scribe his name in the annals of the music industry.

Emerging from humble beginnings, the artiste whose given name is Andre Thompson grew up in the Eastern Kingston community of Manley Meadows where he was exposed to music at an early age. The therapeutic nature of the art-form was a decisive factor in his decision from infancy to pursue music professionally. Upon reaching Pembroke Hall High School,

Dancehall Devoted Dee Dre Drops Another Heavy Hitter!

Dee Dre began writing and performing his songs; cafeteria benches and informal school gatherings became his playground to further the honing of his skill-set. A few semesters later his lyrical prowess soon catapulted at the academic institution earning him immense respect amongst his peers. Ironically, this is also where he met 'Simmulation', his current business partner and co-owner of RTG Music.

Crediting American rapper Tupac Shakur and dancehall stars Bounty Killer and Aidonia as major influences Dee Dre is ready to officially introduce himself to the industry with 'Unrecognized Greatness', a 13-track free-downloadable album available via Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Released on September 7 the compilation is chock full of witty rhymes and melodies covering a plethora of subjects with something for everyone despite their musical palette.

Alluding to his debut album Dee Dre says, "What easily sets me apart from other artistes is my distinct sound and flows which are unique. My content is a breath of fresh air compared to other offerings presently on the market. It's not a two topic thing for me, life is my inspiration and so wherever life takes me I'll sing about it."

Gaining steady momentum across the diaspora, this burgeoning star is currently promoting two new singles 'Real Winner' and 'That Day Gon' Come' from his latest body of work, both of which continues to find favour with the dancehall populace.

Base on current trends Dee Dre has aspirations of becoming a household name within the foreseeable future a feat that would also see him performing at all the major festivals and concerts across the globe amid running a successful record label while keeping the Jamaican and Dancehall banner flying high.

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