Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta - Dismiss lyrics

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta - Dismiss lyrics

Me will sen yuh to di morgue
Sen you to the morgue
To di morge, morgue

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta Dismiss

You feel a chatting alone
All a di dawg dem locking a chrome
Say you aguh cut mi throat you
Touch di road a body dat inna hole
Copper make di (cough) catching a cold
Mi wah make a statement
Gimi yuh hand mi send it back with a note
Funeral day di traffic yah slow
Suh me medz pon di crime comin ike seh me watching a show
Pull up pon di left di strapping a roar
Mi clapping a 4 pon di six man weh have di coffin a hold
Send a message and keep di street cred
We nuh beat bwoy a beat wi beat lead
Duh nuh mek mi pree yuh, people will dead
And if you diss mi inna di past mi seek fi revenge

And it nuh ova till me seh it ova (No sah)
Pull you pon di block i'm in di rover
Hold on pon di glock gimmi a chauffeur
See yuh through di scoper
Shout yuh and yuh gyal weh gi yuh blow job

Anyweh mi see yuh likkle bwoy me a dismiss yuh
A bet me mek di spartan dem done a clip in yuh
Anyweh me see yuh likkle bwoy me a dash yuh weh

Yow it ironic how dem start a war and hide from it
Cyah understand it, comin like spanish
You it ironic how di bwoy panic try vanish
Me did civil now mi style savage
Yow it ironic, buss di friend head, di bwoy vomit
Buss di Kel-tec wid dynamics
Yow it ironic
How mi sink yuh friendship another titanic

Mi buss dem strapping yah proud
Walk up and buss mi glock inna crowd
If dem clapping a round
It aguh fly nah guh stop inna bone
Look how yuh crebellum drop inna road
If me did young dem wouldn't hackle me round
Me have the matic yah now
Me a strike, cyah match it yah now
Badmind betta watch it yah now
Dem tell di officer bout me locking guns and what's di amount
Informer get a shot inna mouth

Anyweh mi see yuh likkle bwoy me a dismiss yuh
A bet me mek di spartan dem done a clip in yuh
Anyweh me see yuh likkle bwoy me a dash yuh weh

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