Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas Walking Away From Dancehall Music

Dancehall deejay Mr Vegas will say goodbye to the secular world in order to fulfil a promise he made to God in prayer some eight months ago, while on a flight to France.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday from overseas, Vegas says his decision is certainly not about making headlines or following anyone.

"It not just something weh mi get up like one morning and plan. I was in full promotion mode for the upcoming album, which suppose to be released September 23," Vegas said He pointed out that he is not this overly righteous person and it would be selfish of him not to let the album go out, when other persons worked tirelessly on the project. "I am not going to bun out dancehall ... even though I think dancehall is not what it used to be ... I've been struggling with this decision ... it's not a feeling that came over me. I just think it's more of a guilt, something playing on my mind, more of a promise that I made with God."

His promise

Vegas revealed that last December he came face to face with one of his fears - being killed while on an aircraft. "If you could just let this plane land safely, I am going to serve you in fullness and truth," Vegas said. He was just about ready to fulfill his promise, when Lady Saw got her calling and he put his transition on hold as he feared being accused of trying to upstage Lady Saw.

He told THE STAR that it was through listening some gospel songs the other day that he got 'connected'. "I felt totally different ... mi feel that guilt come over me and a say weh yuh a wait on, how much time you ago promise God," said the Sweet Jamaica singer. "Is not like a angel come down and touch me or mi get a vision ... mi nuh have no exciting story. It was just me living with that guilt."

Business side

Vegas acknowledges that some promoters may be upset with his decision as he has several shows. He said: "We have shows where people are expecting to see Mr Vegas and we just have to make that work itself out ... the business side of it has to be taken care of because we nuh want people walk and talk bout how Mr Vegas rob them."

He is not worried about the naysayers. "There are going to be many many naysayers, there were people who thought that Lady Saw was going to do only two weeks or one week, and I spoke to her the other day and she is very happy with what she is doing and she is enjoying it," Vegas said. "I made a promise to God. If I am going to make a promise to somebody who wake me up this morning or somebody who has the power not to wake me up this morning, why am I going to break my promise and break it for so long. They going to say him a try get attention or how him can't find nuh big tune, him a follow Lady Saw or him a follow whosoever ... but none of them can't save me."

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