Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie  Released Usher Him Out

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie  Released Usher Him Out - ‘Usher him out’ is the hot slang on the streets these days.

The phrase was popularised following the showdown between Pastor Gino Jennings and entertainer Mr Vegas and is now being used whenever someone is displeased or fed up with the actions of another individual.

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie  Released Usher Him OutDancehall artiste Ganggoolie Released Usher Him Out

Given the attention surrounding the heated exchange between the two men, and the phrase now gaining traction, dancehall artiste Ganggoolie has penned the song Usher Him Out.

The song he says was inspired by the Vegas/Jennings debacle but goes beyond that to encourage persons, particularly women, to get rid of toxic relationships and individuals who serve no real purpose in their lives.

“That song came about in less than 24 hours and me nah try make fun of anybody but people found some humour in what happened and me a try appeal to that to spread a bigger message,” he said. “Vegas did have a right fi defend the ladies innu cause weh Jennings say bout the woman dem never sit well wid me but Vegas go inna di man place and a talk tough so the man say ‘usher him out’." 

He said that is the lesson he wanted people to get from the song, not to make people dictate their lives.


"And if it come to the test yuh affi defend yuhself and usher out some people. A di new talk right now. Anybody a try mash up your business or anything like that, yuh ‘usher dem out’,” he said.

Ganggoolie explained that with the dancehall space being as free and fun as it is, he doesn’t believe anyone will find the song offensive.

He insisted that the track was not aimed at mocking anyone or to make light of what they went through. “Mi nah disrespect nobody or a make fun of anybody, dancehall is a place weh deal wid current situation and this talk hot right now,” he said.

He explained that although the track has not been officially released, he has been getting rave reviews and believes that even when talks die down surrounding the whole Vegas/Jennings showdown, the track will still be relevant.

“From mi send it out, it just a blow up so me know say it hit bound. Me do it in a hardcore way so it nah go be a seasonal song,” he explained. “If yuh notice me nuh touch the whole debate thing and what went down because me nuh want it just be a 'now' song. Me build it inna a way weh 20 years time, yuh can still talk bout it.”

An official release date has not been set for the song as Ganggoolie is still in talks with producers on the best approach to take in getting it out there.

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