Dancehall and Reggae music struggles to make it to Main stream media in South Africa.

by Necoflex

As the revolution continues in dancehall and reggae music across the globe, In south Africa the main stream media houses seems to be bypassing dancehall and reggae music originating out of Jamaica.

Unlike in Jamaica, where you’ll hear a lot of different genres of music such as Soca, R&B, Pop and Hip Hop on local radio and TV Stations, it’s not the same in South Africa.

South Africans are a unique set of people and thus the only music that plays as much as theirs is Nigerian music and this is because there are a lot of influential Nigerians living in South Africa.

The only places on the continent where dancehall and reggae music are appreciated 100% are Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda. They are very few Jamaican artistes whose music is played on “Main Stream” media in South Africa. Of all the major Music channels across South Africa, only Trace TV has a dancehall/Reggae music video chart. Channels such as Channel 0 , MTV Base and the others don’t play dancehall or Reggae music.

The artists whose music gets some aired play are: Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Junior Gong, Bob Marley, Lady Saw, Brick & Lace, Alaine, Chris Martin, Romain Virgo, Busy Signal and a few others.
It’s not that South African people don’t love and appreciate dancehall and Reggae music, because any of the above mention artists can fill a stadium quite easily.

In order for South African Reggae artiste to make to main stream media they have to fuse dancehall/reggae with a genre of music known as Afro Reggae. Even Hip Hop and R&B gets more recognition.

In places such as Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and Malawi, reggae and dancehall music are very popular and artists in these countries have also created their own form of reggae and dancehall music so that they too can make it on to main stream radio and Television stations.

Special thank to Tbwoy & Stone Bwoy

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