Daddy T stated that he is going full hundred on his latest release which is called “Hypocrite”

by Sarah Brookstone
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Daddy T the US base dancehall reggae Entertainer have stated that he is going full hundred on his latest release which is called "Hypocrite".

The singer songwriter producer daddy T said he played all roll on his latest project from creating the beat the musical instrumental to write in the lyrics recorded himself live in the recording studio directing his own music video for his latest single "Hypocrite".

“The music video which was filmed in Negril Jamaica by me and some friends. I had to fly out from New York to montego Bay then rent a car drive to Negril Jamaica where the "Hypocrite" music video was filmed. I also get to meet up with some of my old friends so this project wasn't bad idea at all, it was quite fun actually I was looking for a new sound in my musical creation and I fund it this was actually my first time building a beat that.”

“I like I would say it's a new style of reggae dancehall flow with that banging bass drum sound then I added the keyboard I also ended up mixing the song myself "Hypocrite" is so much different from the last single that I release was the song wine up. The instrumental beat that i used was created by STR8 FYAH production and it was a very good beat. “

“This was a joint production between STR8 FYAH and I myself but on this new project. It's Just Me Myself and I 100% I had no help from no one, whatever that I think of that is what you hear. everything was all on me so in a situation like that you have to believe in yourself, trust your own instinct, motivate yourself to become successful. So I put my trust in the father God asking him for health and strength and i am very grateful that I was able to pull this off. I then release the song on YouTube the view was getting crazy after the first 2 days that I release"Hypocrite" music video on my bashy wave music channel. It started to take off the fans love
the song and they love the video as well it make me feel proud of myself I did this production all on my own by myself the sound everything looks really good too.”

The DJ's when they hear the record they would go crazy complimenting me on my song letting me know that this is the one. I give myself A+ Because it is a very good production as well,now the US base reggae dancehall artist is now step in the right direction owning 100% of All Rights to the song owning the master recording to his song "Hypocrite". I am trying to reach to the top with my original reggae sound I feel like I'm the record company. I feel like all the great producers bobby Digital, king jammy's king tubbys john John, donovan Germain,Dave Kelly those are some of the big name producers in the Dancehall.”

“This is the future the music business nowadays is very shady people selling their soul for what money Fame and Power I don't even think these people remember God when they say God I believe that they are talking about the devil but who am I to judge I am focusing on my craft I have no time to see no one else just minding my business keeping it moving as they say I am concentrating on marketing and promoting my songs building my musical career. “

“They say according to how you work you shall get your pay no sacrifice no victory I got to stay focused I got to stay strong keep God first show love to all my fans I also can't wait to perform live on stage again. Been a solo Artist is not so bad after all, if I can do it anyone can you have to believe in yourself it is not impossible for your dreams become a reality you just have to keep trying until you succeed no one is perfect we all make mistakes but you have to try and try until you succeed you have to work hard for what you want in life.”

Listen on Daddy T Hypocrite on

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