Controversial dancehall artist Bandana breaks down in tears


Controversial dancehall artist, Bandana (Shatta Wale), broke down in tears and wept uncontrollably during his performance at the nominee jams for the Bass Awards held at the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium in Accra over the weekend.

Bandana put up a record-breaking performance that literally shocked the crowed and charged them into a boisterous celebration made up of wild dancing, loud shouting, throwing of hands into the air and running around as though they had an unlimited source of energy supply.

Bandana’s performance and respond from the crowd was very touching, considering the fact that the artiste was recently written off and heavily criticized by art commentators for misbehaving at the Ghana Music Awards.

Though Bandana has insisted he has a strong fan-based that appreciates him, many thought he was bragging until his Friday performance that saw a packed stadium singing along with him as though they had his lyrics in a hymn book.

The ecstasy and joy that broke out during the performance was what got the musician to break down in tears.

"Yes it’s true. I wept on stage but because of the shades I was wearing most of my fans could not see it. So I took it off but I couldn’t stop the tears flowing from my eyes because of what my fans were doing. I marveled at how they hailed me," the no-nonsense’ dancehall king explained.

Indeed, right from the start of the programme, the crowd was yelling Shatta Wale’s name and calling on him to appear on stage. They were so passionate to see Bandana that many of the musicians were booed out of stage.

Bandana’s entry was equally spectacular. Just after the MC mentioned his name the stadium lights went off and when it was turned on, Bandana was on stage, hanging on a crucifix like Jesus Christ and singing about how his haters want to crucify him because they cannot be like him.

When Bandana, known is real life as Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr, got down to business and started releasing one hit track after another, the entire stadium went haywire in a wild jamboree.

He has attributed his raising fame to the almighty God. "If you have listened to any of my songs, you will notice that I use the word Maker in all of them because it is not by my might or my strength but it is Him who has given me all of this. I don’t even know where those sweet melodies and rhythms are coming from. The way things have changed for me, I just have to give thanks and praise to God," Bandana stated.

He again turned up at the National Theater on Saturday for the official awards ceremony. He was in the company of a very beautiful lady speculated to be his girlfriend while others insisted the lady was rather his sister.

Other artists that put up impressive performances at the Ohene Djan Sport Stadium were Jupiter (who appeared on stage with Trigmatic and Tinny), Stoneboy, IWAN, Kaakie, and Blakk Rasta.

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