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Chelsea Stewart collaborates with Sly and Robbie producing 'Perfectly Lonely'

The highly anticipated debut single 'Perfectly Lonely' from singer/songwriter Chelsea Stewart's self-titled debut album is here!

Chelsea Stewart teams up with reggae legends Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare known simply to the world as Sly and Robbie, to bring to you Perfectly Lonely.

Perfectly Lonely is a reggae music composition laced with elements of jazz and soul by Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang.

This is a proud moment for the singer and the members of her team because as stated by her mother/manager Karen Stewart, "I have always loved this song, and I'm very pleased. Perfectly Lonely is a very timely song, so we

thought it was fitting for this song to be the first release from her self-titled debut album."

When asked about the origins of the song Chelsea tells us "Perfectly Lonely was the first song I ever wrote and recorded.

It's very personal; Almost like a diary entry, but I hope it inspires young girls and everyone else to love themselves first."

Looking at the young singer you can't help but notice the pride and youthfulness beaming from her face as she speaks to us about her new single.

When asked how this project came about, she tells us "Working with Sly and Robbie was a dream come true for me. I definitely believe it was serendipity and perfect timing that led to the creation of this project.

I was invited to a session at Anchor Studios by Delroy Pottinger in the spring of 2017.

I was sitting in the studio listening to a group record and this man walked by. I looked over at my mom who was already looking at me and whispered 'Isn't that Sly?'

I first met Sly Dunbar in 2012. My moms friend Garry who was the engineer at the time at Tuff Gong Studios drove us to meet his friend Rory Baker at One Pop Studios on a very hot day in Kingston, Jamaica..

As we were speaking I looked out the window and there was Sly walking up the stairs, just back from a European tour.

We talked, played some music from my promo CD, took pictures, and later said goodbye with the promise that we would come back to see him in the winter of 2012.

The next time I saw Sly was that day he walked passed me at Anchor Studios.

After a short conversation we made plans to meet up at his studio. Within days, there we were all together again like it was back in 2012. Mom, Rorey, Sly, and I."

It was that chance meeting at Anchor Studio that sealed the plans to record with the drum and bass duo.

"I am very happy and feeling very blessed to have received the opportunity to work with multi-Grammy
winning musicians Sly and Robbie, the ultra talented Paul 'Wrong Move' Crossdale, Ron 'Ruff' Boyce and Rorey Baker who's

worked on 9 Grammy winning projects.

I'm very grateful, because I know the series of events that led to meeting the duo and the creating of this project doesn't happen every day, and it doesn't happen to everyone."

She says "Perfectly Lonely is a very special song for me and I'm just happy to see it completed."

Wow Chelsea! We are very excited for you and the launching of your new single Perfectly Lonely.

You can find out more about this delightful young lady, Chelsea Stewart by visiting her website at

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cstewartsings and you can subscribe to her YouTube page by looking for Chelsea Stewart.

Perfectly Lonely is available for purchase and streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify and all other digital outlets.

We wish this young singer/songwriter amazing success with the release of her single 'Perfectly Lonely'.

Sonji Hartley

KingstonCity Media

Perfectly Lonely - Chelsea Stewart (Sly and Robbie Remix)

Perfectly Lonely - Chelsea Stewart (Sly and Robbie Remix) -


Words - Chelsea Stewart/Karen Stewart

Melody - Chelsea Stewart

Harmonies - Chelsea Stewart

Arranged by - Chelsea Stewart

Drums- Sly Dunbar

Bass - Robbie Shakespeare

Keyboards and Guitar - Paul 'WrongMove' Crossdale

Recorded at One Pop Studios - Kingston, Jamaica

Mixed by - Rorey Baker - One Pop Studios - Kingston, Jamaica

Mastered by - Ron 'Ruff' Boyce Las Vegas, Nevada

Perfectly Lonely - (Lyrics)

Verse 1:

Seems like every guy I meet

Wants to have all of me

But he can't have everything

Like Beyonce I need that ring

Far too many girls I know

Wonder where did he go

So I'll just learn from their mistakes

And save myself from heartbreak


Oooo I'll wait

For someone who treats me with respect

For me to love you I really need that

Oooo I'll wait

For somone who loves me for me

Till then I'll be perfectly lonely

Verse 2:

Always have to ask myself

Why give it to someone else

Who isn't guaranteed to stick around

And I ain't tryna be let down

Try to look for Mr. Right

Always ends in a fight

So I'll just sit around patiently

Waiting for Mr. Right to find me


Perfectly Lonely is a fusion of reggae with elements of jazz and soul.

Perfecty Lonely

Words - Chelsea Stewart/Karen Stewart

Melody - Chelsea Stewart

Harmonies - Chelsea Stewart

Arranged by - Chelsea Stewart

Drums- Sly Dunbar

Bass - Robbie Shakespeare

Keyboards and Guitar - Paul 'WrongMove' Crossdale

Recorded at One Pop Studios - Kingston, Jamaica

Mixed by - Rorey Baker - One Pop Studios - Kingston, Jamaica

Mastered by - Ron 'Ruff' Boyce Las Vegas, Nevada

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