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Chan Dizzy Hello Badmind lyrics

by DRW

Chan Dizzy

Chan Dizzy


Galatians 6, Verse 17

Hello badmind
Good morning
Know seh yuh neva did waan see mi wake up
Fi keep talkin (talkin)
Hello badmind
How you're doing today
How you're doing today
Mi nuh waan nuh strange face round me
A just so mi stay ay

Mi nuh beg fren
No mi nuh run in pon people
Mi stinkin link mi stay real too
Mi nuh love likes, mi nuh fight fi money and vehicle
Dutty badmind mi nuh need yuh
mi nuh run in pon people
Mi stinkin link mi stay real too
Mi nuh love likes, mi nuh fight fi money and vehicle
Hey, A straight good over eveil

verse 1
Mi nuh beg people tings
Mi nuh follow back a man
Woulda never beg a dollar, much less beg a gran
Mi nuh see people tings and a shub out mi hand
Youth and how so mi grow and how so mi programme
Badmind inna yuh head dem waan fi sound it off
Come a gi mi ginger ale bout, Yo mi boss
Low mi yah, pagans nah see mi fall top
Plus friend mi nuh shotta so

Rept Chorus


Verse 2
So mi nah beg nuh nuttn
cah mi don't have mi ting dem
Fi do da supm deh mi nuh intent
Stay pon di beach mi nuh swim with shark and dolphin dem
So mi life nuh dutty like a pig pen
Everyday mi hear a bag a tings dem lip and chat
Di bwoy dem see mi thing a shot an waan fi see that stop
Mi know dem waste dem coulda gi mi couple kick and box
But dem cyan dweet, so gwaan gym

Rept Chorus


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