ALFA-ALFA !!! Completed shooting a new video for the hit clockwork oz-oz song "Sun".

by Bawakana Michael

ALFA ALFA !!! Completed shooting a new video for the hit clockwork oz-oz song "Sun".

The clip is designed in minimal style, but it turned out very bright and fun. The best dancers from All Stars School and professionals in Latin American dances were invited to the shootings. Colorful exotic costumes and the direct play of all participants in the video make the video funny and memorable.

You can download the clip in the VIDEO section ... 23/02/2009 The first songs for the new album are recorded - the Russian-language "Sunshine" and the Ukrainian-language "Natalka Poltavka". Together with Michael and Becky, the "honored" musician and sound director of the studio M-Art Sergey Kondratyev aka 'Flanger' is working on the album.

The new “brand” sound quality and ingenious arrangements from Flanger raise the Alfa Alfa project to a new height and put it on a par with the most professional teams in the Ukrainian show business! Very dense, surround and high-quality sound and a fantastic cocktail of various dance styles of music.

In this case, the pathos is quite appropriate :) 11/18/2009 Several melodic dance compositions have been written especially for the concert show program. The basis was taken by the style of the beloved group Boney M, only reworked into modern manners in an even more expressive and incendiary version. At the same time, work continues on new songs that will be included in the second album of the group ... 09/14/2008 New songs. New style.

New images. Fans of the group are waiting for big surprises. In parallel with the concerts, the group is now working closely with the best arrangers and has fully immersed in the creation of new songs, as well as new costumes. Work has begun on a second studio album. So far, in confidence, we can tell you that surprises await you. The artists decided to move away a bit from the already familiar stylistics of African-Ukrainian folklore in the style of pop and decided to make some kind of vigorous modern mix of different musical styles.

In the new, even more energetic and dance tracks, you will hear both Caribbean melodies, techno pop elements and completely unpredictable musical techniques that, oddly enough, fit very harmoniously into the original musical cocktail called Alpha. 05/25/2008 In the photo section a new artistic photo session of the group is posted. Mike and Becky are born stars. This brightly reveals a photo session.

It seems that their acting talent has no limits, so easily and naturally they get used to any images. Then they are romantic lovers, then glamorous, pathetic characters, funny
madmen ... View photo 08/02/2008 The presentation of the group's album was successfully held in Kiev. At the action, in addition to invited active users of the META Internet search system, a number of well-known representatives of the Kiev media were noticed.

According to the results of the presentation there are reports and interviews of the group on the City TV channel, in the news of the K1 TV channel, in the program "Secular Chronicles" on the Tonis TV channel. An article is published in the journal "Public People" under the heading "Party of the Month."

10 popular news and entertainment online resources publish post-reports about the action. 01/01/2008 Printed copies of advertising posters in support of the first album of the group. Since the first edition sold out in a month, it was decided to prepare a second release of the album with a new colorful design. 10/12/2007 The group's management has concluded an agreement with the largest Ukrainian Internet search system META to jointly organize the presentation of the group's album in the capital of Ukraine.

The presentation will take place on February 7, 2007 at 23:00 in the Kiev night club "Sound Planet". An extensive advertising campaign is planned for the event, primarily among users of the worldwide network, as well as in the network of Kiev supermarkets. Since it will be a closed party, admission is free, but the number of penetrations per share is limited. Details on the META search engine website. 10/7/2007 Freestyle Artwork Productions, Moon-Records and Funky Kids Recordz have released the first album of Alfa Alfa group "Spray the Horses".

This is the first album of African artists recorded and released in Ukraine - the Alpha Alpha project is the pioneer pioneers here! There are 10 tracks on the disc - 6 Ukrainian folk in modern processing, and 4 English songs. The album turned out fun, sunny and dance. There is pure disco disco sound, dancehall and even a twist.

Recommended to serve in the morning, afternoon and evening :) Biography The city of Kharkov is full of talented nuggets. And once again, the first capital surprised Ukrainian show business, having sheltered and raised eccentric students from Uganda — the Alfa Alfa show group. Origin With the stylistics of the disco-pop group was not determined immediately, over time.

It all started with hip-hop and very expressive raggaffin. Then there were four hot African guys in the group. In 2003, the group experimented with sound and was a regular participant of Kharkiv international festivals (In Da House, Breakidz, etc.) and Ragga Party parties held by Freestyle Artwork and UHHA.

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