Introducing Reggae Artiste Hal Anthony

I am Candice Lewinson representing Hal Anthony, a musician, song writer, singer, recording and performing artist. I would like you to consider adding Hal Anthony to your diverse line up of conscious reggae artists.

Presently his song "Oh African Queen" is number one on the top ten reggae chart in Florida, he also has other hit songs such as Reggae Man Ah Com, Oh Jah, Falling Rain along with a few others.

He has worked with the group Fantels with the hit song Hooligan, the group Beltones with another hit song called "No More Heartache".

Hal currently has four albums and is now in the studio working on a next album with Willy Lindo. Throughout the years Hal and the Millennium band has worked with artists such as Norris Weir, Glen Washington, Freddie Mcgregor, Lady Saw, Sanchez, Richie Spice and his cousin Jimmy Cliff, just to name a few.

For further details please contact Christine Gordon.

Tel: 646-270-4345

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