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Sizzla Kalonji nah go work 
I am trying to find a song by Sizzla Kalonji that goes like: "Babylon ah try terminate Black man from the earth but dat nah go work:"

search Dancehall song  
Hi I search a dancehall song i heard from a set on soundcloud, this one at 29 minutes 30 seconds : …

anyone know the track at 138mins into this youtube clip??? 
Can anyone tell me who the track at 138mins into this youtube clip is by...? Search for "Alex Paterson and Tom Midleton - Thursday Tea Time on Groovetech …

I want my baby 
Its a slow love song and its about a man loving a woman.. He says something about "Even when I'm a thousand miles away. I want my lady eh girl. I want …

Mi Neva ask them fi watch yuh body fi mi  
Anyone known he title of that song

please help reggae song from show Major Lazer season 1 episode 11?  
Hello, iam looking for the title and artist of a song I heard and cannot get out of my head. The lyrics go... "If I give you my love, you got to promise …

Love the vibes and you respect i and i 
Starts somewhere around 4:00 Love the vibes and you respect i and i Be a real friend cuz i dont deal with lies Do you really know what loyalty really …

Sizzla Song in Drake Video? ^A dah link up deh. Mi a look up dah song yah fi bout 2 weeks. One a dem is Raggy Road …

Cant find the name of this song  
the lyrics goes like that share the true love from above Give a love today Hear what the sister say Whatever you do Whatever you Say Give away …

Songs in a video 
I need help. Can you tell me the songs at 54:48 and 1:07:28 of this video pls? …

Me and my Baby we got our problems 
I would like to know the name of this song me and my baibe we got our problems(these are some of the words from the chorus)

What the name of the Reggae song at about 38:00 
" today is for my baby we spendin quality time " its about 38:00 into this youtube

Im not sure. 
I live in Brooklyn and heard this song on radio late night. IT is a slow song.It is a Jamacian/ Reggae song being sung by a Jamacian Guy. The song goes …

Albert in Kenya would like to know 
Unanswered question Albert..I heard this song a while back and its sung by a male vocalist and it starts with him saying ding ding nana ning or something …

song title for 8 inch long still coming coming to... 
anyone know the song its goes something like 8 inch long still coming coming to.... 9 inch long still coming to the back of the room ..........................or …

Looking for artist and song title please 
"waking up easy just me and you, growing old ugly like we said well do, when you cry gal I'll dry your eyes, stay with me gal i'll take you high to the …

Help please... Not rated yet
I gad this song on my ipod classic and it broke, the only song I want.... Ok it has a mans voice playing solo guitar slow medium speed song like... …

Looking for the song with the lyrics "the game of life is called survival, better must come, better must come" Not rated yet
Looking for the song with the lyrics "the game of life is called survival, better must come, better must come" I think it's an older dancehall reggae …

Anyone know the song and riddim for these lyrics? Thanks Not rated yet
Gimme de music Wey from firehouse yo Gimme de music Wey from Kingston yo Yeah ah feel like skankin right right now Yes ah feel like moving right right …

Old Reggae Song Not rated yet
I'm trying to find an old reggae song, I know the chorus has the lyrics "sing.. sing a song of". I've searched everywhere to try and find it and I …

Dont know the artist or the name of the song Not rated yet
I had it on a mix cd with songs from 2010 2011. I have been searching for this song since 2013. Some of the words i remember are: It start off with a …

heart of alion eyes of and eagle  Not rated yet
I am looking for a reggae song with the lyrics heart of a lion eyes of an eagle as the hook.

And mi seh get yuh education whoaa Not rated yet
This song came out in the 90s a young boy sing it bt i cant remember the title nor find it anywhere

help me please Not rated yet
please someone help me find this song. I've been searching it 20yrs now. it was on a mixtape from new York. thank you so much... "please pick up the …

looking for a song and artist some bwoy thief de tape out me car Not rated yet
you stepped in my life with a jolt exploded my mind like a thunderbolt swept off my feet suddenly blinded by your beauty your a masterpiece an I love …

Me nah gon let off nuttin Not rated yet
This is a dancehall song, with a nice mellow riddim. It's sung by a man and some of his lyrics are "and I realize she doesn't love me, me nah gon' let …

looking for this tune since the 80s Not rated yet
i have 2 songs floatin around mi head for years 2 lovers rock tracks 1st one goes like "im in love again ...this time i mean it" from 184/85 …

Warrior Not rated yet
Looking for an old reggae song with the lyrics "I'm a warrior, and I'm a fighter and I'm going to fight for, for my total freedom".

Looking for this song with lyrics below.... HELP Not rated yet
Hey, pon the beach wi a flex Gyal si mi and a tear off mi vest Whisper in a mi ears tonight shi waan sex

confidential, hold it down Not rated yet
I'm looking for an old reggae song i used to hear back in the days it goes like "confidential, hold it down" I think it's sung on the same track …

90's dance hall song: are you a yankee or a jamaican Not rated yet
looking for a 90's dancehall song and siomewhere in the song the lady ask: are you a yankee or a Jamaican? please help

Please help identify this song Not rated yet
Please help me identify this song. Looking for artist, title and lyrics. Thanks!

Do anyone know this song?? looking months for it but still can't find it, hopefully anyone here can help  Not rated yet
The only thing I still remember is the lyrics at the end of the song: 'do remember this, do remember this' and something about 'son and daughters' Plz …

One night stand? Midnight rider?  Not rated yet
Does anyone know the song that is a reggae cover of the lion King "can you feel the love tonight"? It's from the 90s, I had it on a mixtape from England …

Looking for a reggae song Not rated yet
I am looking for this reggae song. It goes like this: Cause some man say dem a dan boy. But understand understanding understand understanding! …

Looking for song title and artist please.  Not rated yet
Saw this music video once years ago (2008 or so). There is a scene with a navy/purple or black and white filter effect. Singer is crouching at one point …

Help! Need to Know the Name of this Dancehall Song Not rated yet
does anyone know that name of this song it starts at 46:09. comment under the video on youtube as well if …

Need help finding name of song :) Not rated yet
does anyone know that name of this song it starts at 46:09.

Old school new school lyrics, dancehall song Not rated yet
Hi everyone, I've been trying for months now to find the name of this song, however i have not yet. I …

Cant find this song reggae song! Not rated yet
Heard it on a late night radio reggae program in central illinois, Sat. night/ Sun. morning aka 2am. The chorus went something like "arama, arama, arama, …

lyrics of a track dancehall/reggae track Not rated yet
there is a dancehall song in the 90s that i need the artiste's name and the title. The chorus was something like 'one two three four five gyal come...six …

looking for song please help Not rated yet
Song like I'm looking for a big booty booty girl who is this by reggae dance beat just heard it

Looking for a reggae song from 1976, Jamaica Not rated yet
I wonder if anyone could say the name of a reggae song from around 1976, Negril, Jamaica. The only lyric I can remember is 'down by the station'

belinda, she just looked through the window, plane is going from airport to airport, ship is going from harbour to harbour Not rated yet
sounds like don carlos from the early eightees? but possibly not? does anyone out there know???

Can't figure out name of a song  Not rated yet
It goes "Let me take you out tonight Come and flex up in my ride What kind of tattoo that's above your naval girl it looks like a butter fly..... …

Searching for a song from year 2013 Not rated yet
Hi. Im searching a song from 2013 (?).it goes something like this:(low voice): doo do do do doo do. Do do do do do do do do do do doo do. -(something in …

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Someone help me find the name to this song Not rated yet
Someone please help me. I have been looking for this song for about 9 years now. Its been so long that I forgot most of the words but I know there is …

Help with song/video! Not rated yet
I need a lot of help! I´m looking for a song... this is what I know: - It's from a band (starts with "the") - A girl is the singer -The video is …

Can't find the name of this song? Not rated yet
Hi. Can't find the name of the song at 21:21 in this podcast:

what song is this? Not rated yet
The song has the lyrics "the pot is boiling over" "the world is about to explode" (or something like that) and at one point it says "minimum wage." I heard …

The stars shined so bright, On the night that we met. That night i know, I will never forget. Beause we fell in love, right from the start. Now you've gone, you've broken my heart. Not rated yet
Can anyone please tell me where these Lyrics are from?! Believed to be a reggae song not sure of artist or title but my friends Dad used to sing them to …

Which bar, which crew- dancehall song? Not rated yet
What's the name of the dancehall song that says "which bar, which crew....."

"I'm on my way, give it to me baby, all i know" Not rated yet
I'm on my way, give it to me baby, all i know heard it and cant find it any help? Thanks

heard a song about a man telling this woman the types of man he has for her a showcase man etc he said he was the doctor of sceince [1980s]  Not rated yet
heard a song in early 80s how this man was telling a woman about the types of man he had for her as she tells him about the kind of man she wants. he …

Trying to find a Reggae song!!!!! Not rated yet
Ie been searching for a song I heard but it's jamaican it goes like "But she has a boyfriend" "Give her everything" "She say she want a real man that …

Up coming recording artist Ramize Yardsoul is receving strong support from East Africa  Not rated yet
Great News upcoming artist Ramize Yardsoul Receiving love from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda East Africa as his singles my hideaway and in …

1970's / 1980's song Not rated yet
justice a what we want babylonian judah a where we live Africa equal rights for everyone Ethiopia gimme that gimme that

Reggae Song name? Not rated yet
What's a song that in the chorus says ' maybe/baby we could change, build a better world for tomorrow'??

Reggae song - link in comment Not rated yet
What's the song from 27 min?

who's the artist of this 80's reggae song to she hot i can't control her Not rated yet
who's the artist of this 80's reggae song to she hot i can't control her

If yuh mand find out and wan walk out then be with me Not rated yet
I heard this song on the radio today and I caught one line saying "If yuh man find out and wan walk out then be with me" Whats the name of this song?

Raggae song Not rated yet
there is a song i am looking for by Tanto Metro and Devonte which goes like.."there is something about this girl which it turns me on.."

ste in Argentina has two questions Not rated yet
One is a song called fire, and another song called hot girl. they are dancehall/reggae. ANSWER by Neco: The First song "Fire" is done by Capleton …

Don in Algeria Not rated yet
Don would like to get information on song...wear yu size Answer by Neco.. It was done by Lt. Stitchie on "Jammy's/Dynamic Sounds Label.

Simon in Canada Would like to know Not rated yet
Simon what info on this song...i got saved by the king and his love is everlasting reggae. came on about 1:10pm on feb 2nd 2011 on the station. Answer …

Diana United Kingdom Not rated yet
Diana will like to get information on the song with this line..Forever i promise to cherish each moment with you... Unanswered.. Do you know the …

Ana Guatemala Not rated yet
The information requested for "Kilamiti" Answer by Neco: This is a reggaeton song, The name of the artiste is Lyon La Diferencia. Preview of the …

sherman United Kingdom Not rated yet
Sherman - would like to get more information on Ready Fe She by Wayne Palmer Answer by Neco. Ready Fe She was released in 1986 by Bum Rock Records …

khadene dumpa truck Not rated yet
Khadene would like to get more information on Dumpa Truck. Answer by: Neco Dumpa Truck is done by dancehall artiste Vbyz Kartel on the SMOKIN' RIDDIM …

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