Dancehall song from 90/91/92'

by Bombastic
(Mendoza - Argentina)

Ive been looking for this one for more than 20 years!

-The verses were sung by a guy on dancehall style, probably with a jamaican accent.

-The chorus vocals were sung by a different guy. It had a few harmonies goin on.

-The song is from early 90's. Id say 91/92.

Ok, as for the lyrics. I dont remember too much cause I was a kid and english was/is my second language, but i could try and replicate phonetically what I do remember:

-I remember the verse just before the scond chorus went "baby baby baby ba baby". I know, not much help but its better then nothing.

-And the chorus, phonetically sounded like this:
"All she said / and the way / you make me shine a light so deep inside forever"

The song overall had a UB40 vibe, but ive listeed to most of their catalogue and never found it.

Thanks in advance and God bless.

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