Dancehall artiste Dudsymil new single ‘Stroke It’

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Toronto-based Dancehall artist, Dudsymil is known for his strong, tough voice mirroring the sound of thunder.

But this emerging entertainer successfully shows he has a gentler sound that the ladies can appreciate in his new single, Stroke It.

The name of this track is as suggestive as the vocals, lyrics and images that accompany it as Dudsymil shows his universal love for the ladies and their reciprocal feeling towards his swag and image. As he himself points out, “All gyal from Thailand wan’ fi come squat pon my land; all girls from Curacao addicted to me like tobacco.”

Produced by One Nation Music, Stroke It leaves strong thoughts in the minds of party goers or just average folks looking for a little excitement in their lives as it gives off a sexy and exciting flavor that all can enjoy.

The official video for Stroke It was directed by Yosef Imagination and has received rotation across various Jamaican TV outlets, including HYPE TV and RETV.

This single carries the strong momentum Dudsymil garnered in 2012, when he landed his biggest hit to date, Tell Me Now. The single, featured on the French Kiss Riddim (produced by DJ Constantine), showcases established acts such as the ‘King of the Dancehall,’ Beenie Man, Bugle and Black Ryno. He also continues to garner acclaim through his video for the track, T-Dot We Go Hard (featuring Sstyles), which has scored 20,000 hits on YouTube.

Dudsymil has long been immersed in music, having teamed with famed producer, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor on a number of projects earlier in his career. Since moving to Toronto from Kingston, he teamed with Juno award-winning producer, Eddie Bullen and has since perfected his craft in various genres, including Reggae, R&B and Dancehall.

Stroke It is a true stroke of genius by Dudsymil and will continue to be a popular hit with his growing female contingent.

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