DS dancehall reggae artiste official biography

by H Lakeman

Reggae recording artiste DS

Reggae recording artiste DS

My name is Dwight aka Ds or Dsam Samuel. I am a young producer/writer that’s inspired by all types of music that’s positive.

I am unique in my production. I have the ability to sound like any other producer however; I do have a distinct sound. My style changes depending on my mood and what I am currently listening to.

I aspire to be great and to work with many of the talented artists of today. I am down to earth and not afraid to experiment with sounds and ideas. My outlook on music is that it’s a universal language and should be shared with the world.

It’s also a platform that can be used to educate, teach, inform, entertain and promote love and other emotions. My influences include Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sade and many other soul and neo soul artists.

In my opinion, much of today’s music is negative, violent and disrespectful to women. I hope to bring about a positive change and promote love, life and spirituality.

I has just released my latest single Special girl which is getting heavy rotation on radio stations in U.S.A.

Watch DS special Girl video below..The video was directed by "Big Jeff" Souvenir for Our Life Entertainment Group.

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